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Are you looking for logo design inspiration? This list of 100 cool logos from top brands will help to refresh your creativity and get the creative juices flowing.

We all know that logos are a critical part of any brand. The logo can make or break a company’s image and will be seen on countless products and materials.

Check out these great graphic designs and see if one of them can inspire a new idea for your next logo project. From Coca-Cola’s iconic script font to Nike’s swoosh, we hope these examples inspire you as much as they did us!

Cool Logos


Amazon Logo

One of the most popular brands in the world features a unique and recognizable logo. The curved arrow under the text resembles a smiley face. It also works well in a variety of ways, including single color, light text on a dark background, and dark text on a light background.

Amazon’s logo is frequently used online and in print (for example, the packages that arrive at your doorstep), so it has to work well in all scenarios.


Walmart Logo

Walmart’s logo is simple but effective and memorable. The star or sun bust is a perfect example of a simple shape that works well.


Target Logo

Target’s iconic logo can be used in red text on a white background or white text on a red background. The red and white target or bullseye icon to the left of the text could be recognized on its own. The bold sans serif font is simple and stylish.


Apple Logo

Apple’s logo is so widely recognized that it needs no text. Everyone knows it belongs to Apple. The apple shape is simple but creative. It works well on a screen, on the packaging, and on the products themselves. It’s sometimes shown in color, and sometimes in black or monochrome.


Nike Logo

Logos don’t get much more iconic than Nike’s swoosh. Like Apple, Nike needs no text to be identified. The swoosh is a unique shape that appears on every piece of Nike merchandise, as well as all of their branding. Creating a custom shape is a viable choice, and Nike is the perfect example.


Adidas Logo

Adidas, one of Nike’s competitors, also has an outstanding logo. The branding for Adidas has gone through many variations over the years, but the three stripes have remained the centerpiece in each version. This cool logo design doesn’t rely on anything fancy – just a basic sans serif font, simple shapes, and a single color.

Under Armour

Under Armour Logo

Under Armour is another popular brand from the athletic apparel industry. The logo features a custom shape and the name of the brand. Personally, I’m not a big font of the font choice, but the shape is distant and highly memorable. It also works very well on clothing and sporting goods, in either small or large sizes.


Converse Logo

Converse’s logo has changed several times over the years, but the variations have had a similar feel. The current version features a star, an arrow, and text in a heavy sans serif font. It works well and would be relatively simple for a graphic designer to create.


Puma Logo

When you see the silhouette of the puma, you instantly know the brand. The font used is different than the type of font you’ll typically see with most logos. It’s fat with rounded edges.

New Balance

New Balance Logo

The New Balance logo merges the letters “N” and “B” together. The stripes presumably indicate speed, which is appropriate for a company that makes running shoes. New Balance uses a basic sans serif typeface, but the text is lowercase letters, which is slightly unusual.


Google Logo

Google’s logo has changed over the years, but it has always maintained the same color scheme. The current version uses a flat design style. The simple approach uses color as the distinguishing feature. You’ll rarely see Google’s logo in a monochrome format.


Alphabet Logo

Alphabet is the parent company of Google, and they use a logo that’s just about as simple as it gets. The text is a basic sans serif font in the company’s red color. Cool logo ideas don’t always have to be complex.


eBay Logo

eBay’s logo is fairly similar to Google’s in some ways. It also uses a sans serif font with different colors for each letter, and the colors are similar to Google’s. The eBay logo is a great example of versatility. It looks great on screens of different sizes and is easy to read.


Twitter Logo

The Twitter bird is effective at small and large sizes, and it doesn’t rely on a lot of colors. You’ll see it in white on the company’s blue background color, or in blue on a white background.


Firefox Logo

Firefox’s recent logo redesign drew some criticism and controversy. They’ve made changes over the years, but the theme has been pretty consistent. The current version uses gradients and a pleasing color scheme, with less detail than previous versions.


Flipboard Logo

Flipboard’s logo includes the text and a small icon to the left. The icon can be used on its own (for example, on the website and app), or it can be used along with the text. The font is a heavy sans serif, which is a common choice.


TechCrunch Logo

Tech Crunch uses blocky letters with a pixel missing from the “C”. Like Twitter, Flipboard, and some of the others, this one is perfect for use in square or circular locations like favicons and app icons.


Spotify Logo

Spotify’s white circle with three curved green lines is recognizable on its own, or with the Spotify text. The font is sans serif, but it’s a rounded font that has a different style compared to many of the others showcased here.


Netflix Logo

Netflix uses a wordmark featuring a sans serif font that’s straight on top and curved on the bottom. It usually appears in red text on a black background, but it’s also readable on white backgrounds.


Hulu Logo

Netflix competitor Hulu also uses a simple text-based logo. This heavy, rounded font is in all lowercase letters. A versatile logo like this can be used for all kinds of purposes like on-screen, on a business card, or any other marketing material and content.


Disney Logo

Disney’s logo is sometimes shown with the castle and sometimes just the hand-drawn font. As one of the world’s most popular businesses, it makes sense that Disney’s logo is easy to spot.


NBC Logo

NBC’s classic logo is colorful and distinct. It makes use of negative space to form the peacock’s head in white. It also works well at just about any size, large or small. The bold color palette and familiar shape make this a cool design that remains relevant even after many years.


A&E Logo

TV network A&E also uses negative space. The letters are creatively formed and placed so the “&” appears in black between the “A” and the “E”. One of the more amazing logos that showcases plenty of thought, it’s also versatile and can be used in light or dark.



HGTV uses a bold sans serif font with the “T” and “V” joined at the top. The triangle represents a roof, which is very on-brand for this home improvement network. There’s nothing complex about this logo, but it looks professional and it’s effective.


Bravo Logo

Bravo’s current branding features all lowercase sans serif lettering on a simple shape like a blocky speech bubble.

USA Network

USA Network Logo

The USA Network is another example of negative space or white space in logo design. A cool design like this can be used on a white background or transparent background.


Fox Logo

Fox’s logo is nothing complicated, but it’s effective and has a professional look on the screen. It consists of a very heavyweight sans serif font.



ESPN’s logo is iconic for sports fans. The red text features a white stripe near the top of the letters. One thing that’s unique is that the “N” is lowercase, while the others are capital letters.


CNN Logo

CNN’s is another wordmark that is red and white and includes a line, but it’s a much different style than ESPN. The letters are all connected.


HBO Logo

HBO’s logo is very simple. The only thing out of the ordinary is the white circle inside the “O”. Aside from that, it’s a basic heavy sans serif font with the last two letters slightly overlapping.


BBC Logo

BBC uses squares behind each of the three letters. It’s a slight variation on the simple text-based logo.

Warner Brothers

Warner Brothers Logo

The Warner Brothers icon is a perfect match for this media company that needs versatile branding. It can be used in the blue color shown above, or black and white (for example, the Warner Brothers website footer).


Ted Logo

The TED logo is simple but beautiful. The bold sans serif font in striking red is highly memorable even though it’s not complex. This creative idea-based company uses color psychology to its benefit. Red is an energizing, powerful color that goes well with a company based on ideas and learning.

National Geographic

National Geographic

National Geographic uses a simple sans serif typeface next to a gold or yellow rectangle outline. The outline is the shape of a magazine, which is appropriate for National Geographic.

Museum of London

Museum of London Logo

Museum of London features one of the more creative logos on this list. It’s colorful and makes use of distinct shapes. The font is a bold sans serif, like many others we’ve already seen.

World Wildlife Fund

WWF Logo

The World Wildlife Fund appropriately features a Panda bear. The black & white color scheme with the creative use of negative space makes this one of the most beautiful logos.


Inc. Logo

Inc. Magazine’s logo is simple. The bold text makes a statement, with a business-minded appearance. A slab serif font is used.


Sony Logo

Sony also uses a slab serif font. It’s all-caps with ample white space between the letters.


Nintendo Logo

Nintendo uses a mostly text-based logo, with a rounded outline around the word. It’s typically shown in the company’s red and white color scheme but also lends itself to use in black & white.


GE Logo

GE is one of the most well-known brands in the world, and the logo is also widely recognized. The corporate colors blue and white are used. The white script font is shown on a blue background, with a decorative white outline around the edges of the circle.


Beats Logo

The Beats logo is versatile and can be used in different sizes, in color, in monochrome.


Bose Logo

The bose logo is a wordmark that features an oblique font. It can be used on-screen or on the actual products themselves.


Panasonic Logo

Panasonic’s logo is as simple as it gets – the company name in a bold sans serif font. While it’s not flashy, it looks good and provides maximum versatility.


IBM Logo

IBM uses a basic font with white lines or stripes through the letters. While there are many companies using text-based logos, IBM puts a different spin on it.


HP Logo

Hewlett-Packard (HP) uses a blue circle with lowercase “hp” on it. It’s one of the most recognizable circle logos and works well on small screens or on products.


Cisco Logo

Cisco using a heavy sans serif font in all capital letters, with a series of lines above. The lines represent the Golden Gate Bridge, which was slightly more obvious in older versions.


Dell Logo

Like competitor HP, Dell also uses a circle. However, Dell’s circle is an outline rather than a solid color. The company name sits inside the circle, with the “E” tilted.


3M Logo

3M is another company that has a simple but highly effective logo. The “3” and the “M” overlap slightly, and a heavy sans serif font is used. It’s one of the best bold logos out there.


McDonald's Logo

McDonald’s golden arches are an iconic mark that almost everyone recognizes immediately. No text is needed. The golden arches work well on-screen, in print, and on the huge signs outside of the restaurants.


Subway Logo

Subway’s logo was changed recently. It’s more of an update than a major rebrand. The current version uses a flat design style with familiar yellow and green colors. The heavy sans serif font is rounded and has an arrow at the beginning and end.

Taco Bell

Taco Bell Logo

Taco Bell also recently made some changes to its logo. They received plenty of criticism for it, but the current version is not a drastic change from the older versions, aside from the move to purple.

Dairy Queen

DQ Logo

Dairy Queen’s logo is colorful and playful. The DQ is in a bold serif font with colored swashes above and below.


Domino's Logo

Domino’s naturally includes a domino in the company’s branding. The text is in a bold san serif font and the colors are red and blue that has become a recognized part of their identity.


Kellogg's Logo

Most of the logotypes featured on this list use sans serif fonts. Kellogg’s stands out by using a cursive or script font.


Nestle Logo

Nestle’s logo is sometimes shown just as text and sometimes with the bird and nest image. The text alone is very recognizable. It’s a basic sans serif font, but the line extending from the “N” and over the “e” provides added character.


Microsoft Logo

Microsoft’s branding has changed several times over the years. The current version has a flat design style with four squares in solid colors and a basic sans serif font for the text. The flat style of the windows is the most significant change compared to older versions.


Coca Cola Logo

Coca-Cola’s wordmark uses the iconic red and white colors, with a decorative script font. The text can be in red or white, providing added versatility.



Pepsi’s branding changes haven’t always been well received, but the current version features the icon or symbol in a flat design style. The text is a rounded font in all lowercase letters.


Budweiser Logo

Budweiser uses a cursive font in white text on top of a solid red ribbon.


Starbucks Logo

While the Starbucks logo has been adapted and updated over the years, the main concept has remained very similar. The green and white colors have also become synonymous with the brand.


Mercedes-Benz Logo

The logo for Mercedes-Benz can be shown as a flat shape or a 3D object. Obviously, the ornaments on the vehicles have some depth, but the logo also works well as a flat symbol.


Mitsubishi Logo

Mitsubishi uses a shape that combines three diamonds. It’s a unique approach and there aren’t many logos that are very similar, helping it to stand out.


Audi Logo

Another automaker, Audio uses a series of four overlapping rings. Like Mercedes-Benz, this logo can be shown in 3D or a flat style. The text uses an angular font.



BMW’s logo was recently refreshed with a flat design style. And in case you’re wondering, it’s a myth that the blue and white shapes represent a propellor.


Jeep Logo

Jeep is one of the few automakers that uses a very simple text-based logo. The font is a bold sans serif.


Ford Logo

The Ford emblem with the blue background and script font is familiar and instantly recognizable.


GM Logo

GM’s logo was recently overhauled, in part due to their move towards more electric vehicles. The current version features lowercase letters and a gradient blue color.


Chevy Logo

Chevrolet’s bowtie logo is almost as highly recognized as Ford’s branding. The gold shape works well on automobiles as well as other branded materials. It is sometimes shown with the text below it, and sometimes without the text.


Mazda Logo

Mazda’s logo is a symbol that resembles an “M”.


Hyundai Logo

Hyundai uses an “H” inside an oval, along with a blocky sans serif font for the brand name.


Honda Logo

Honda’s symbol is “H” inside a rounded rectangle. The company name uses a bold serif font.


Volkswagen Logo

Volkswagen is another company that recently adapted its logo to a flat design style. The “V” and “W” appear inside a circle. The new version is simply a styling change with the theme remaining unchanged.

John Deere

John Deere

John Deere famously depicts a running deer in its logo. The green color has become synonymous with the brand and its products.


Visa Logo

Visa’s logo is a bold sans serif font with a slight decoration on the “V”. The flat design style keeps Visa on-trend.



Mastercards logomark features two intertwined circles. The icon is well-recognized and needs no text.

Bank of America

Bank of America Logo

Bank of America’s logo has experienced some changes over the years, but naturally, it includes the American flag and features red, white, and blue. The icon is an abstract representation of the flag rather than a more direct replica.


Chase Logo

Chase’s branding includes the company name in uppercase letters, as well as a symbol with four blue shapes.


Citi Logo

Citi’s logo is mostly text but the red decorative element is the distinguishing feature.


FedEx Logo

FedEx has one of the most-talked-about logos, thanks mostly to the clever use of negative space. The area between the “E” and “x” also creates a white arrow.


UPS Logo

UPS uses a brown badge with yellow or gold letters.


Shell Logo

Shell has a very recognizable mark that is easy to spot for drivers who need to fill up. The bright colors help it to stand out and the current design uses a flat style.


Chevron Logo

Naturally, Chevron’s logo features chevron shapes. The text is a basic sans serif typeface.


BP Logo

BP’s logo is unique. It features an abstract flower in shades of yellow and green with a white center.


ExxonMobil Logo

ExxonMobile uses a basic sans serif font in red. The only detail that varies from standard text is the way the two “x”s are connected, with the second one dropping down.


Delta Logo

Delta’s logo is the company name in a sans serif font next to the recognizable symbol.

British Airways

British Airways Logo

British Airways uses an all-caps serif font with a red and blue ribbon or swash.

I Love New York

I Love New York Logo

I Love New York has what is often considered to be one of the coolest logos. It’s certainly easy to recognize and has no doubt generated loads of extra exposure for the brand.


Lego Logo

Lego’s logo is very unique. The bubble letters may not work well for other industries, but they’re perfect for a toy manufacturer.


Levi's Logo

The red tab is a staple for Levi’s branding. The text is a very heavy sans serif and interestingly includes a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters.


Gap Logo

Gap’s logo features a blue background and very tall white letters. The logo has remained the same for years.

Old Navy

Old Navy Logo

Old Navy’s logo also features a similar blue background. This time, the shape is oval and the brand name is shown in a bold, all-caps sans serif.

Banana Republic

Banana Republic Logo

Banana Republic uses a simple wordmark with serif lettering in all caps.


H&M Logo

H&M features hand-drawn lettering in a bold red color.

The North Face

The North Face Logo

The North Face uses a bold sans serif font for the text next to the symbol. This logo works well in a variety of situations, including on apparel.


Rolex Logo

What symbolizes luxury more than a crown? Rolex uses an all-caps serif font to display elegance.


Virgin Logo

Virgin’s hand-drawn logo is slanted and features a distinct underline.


AIG Logo

AIG’s branding includes sans serif letters inside a rectangle with a blue outline.

New York Life

New York Life Logo

The branding for New York Life uses a blue background and white text in all caps. The “N”, “E”, and “W” are connected to each other. There’s also no vertical spacing as the letters touch the lines above or below.

Northwestern Mutual

Northwestern Mutual Logo

Northwestern Mutual’s logo features an icon to the left and the company name in a dark blue serif font.

Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson Logo

Johnson & Johnson uses a red script font, somewhat similar to Kellogg’s.

The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones

The logo for The Rolling Stones is unique, memorable, and highly recognized. The red lips and tongue are unmistakable. The logo is just a symbol with no text.

Final Thoughts

We hope you’ve enjoyed this showcase of cool logos and that it provided you with some inspiration that can be put to use in your own work. It’s interesting to see all of the different styles and approaches that are being used by major companies. You can pick up some helpful design tips by simply seeing what others are doing.

If you’re a brand looking for high impact, you’ll need to budget accordingly. For the best quality, you’ll need to hire a professional designer rather than relying on clip arts or an online logo generator. Small companies may attempt to use an online logo creator to keep costs down, but the results simply won’t match what a skilled designer can do.

While there are some beautiful logo templates out there, no template or online logo maker tool will give you anything that becomes iconic like Coca-Cola’s red logo or the Nike Swoosh.

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