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Web and graphic designers can never have too many fonts. Fortunately, there are a number of reliable websites that have a wide selection of fonts available.

This article will showcase 13 sites that are excellent sources of fonts. Of course, there are many other sites that also offer fonts, but the sites listed here are among the leaders in the industry, and you’ll have plenty of options without the need to venture beyond the sites covered here.

I’ve broken the list into two sections. First, you’ll find websites that offer free fonts that can be downloaded and used with no purchase or payment required. Second, you’ll find other websites that sell premium fonts. Some of the sites covered here will have both free fonts and premium fonts representing all different font types, but each of the sites specializes in one or the other (free or premium).

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Free Fonts

If you’re looking to expand your collection of fonts and you don’t want to spend any money (fonts can be expensive!), the websites in this section will provide you with a great selection of free fonts.

Caution: Always be sure to check the license or terms set by the font’s creator. Many free fonts come with a license that allows free use only for personal projects. In this case, you’d be violating the license if you use the font for a commercial project without paying for a license.

1. Font Squirrel

Font SquirrelFont Squirrel

Font Squirrel is a great resource because of its large selection of hundreds of quality fonts. But what makes Font Squirrel my favorite resource for free fonts is the fact that they focus exclusively on fonts that can be used for commercial projects. You won’t find fonts that are free for only personal use.

Now, it needs to be mentioned that Font Squirrel also recommends that you check the license details for yourself and they make no guarantees about the fonts on their site, but they do make every effort to only showcase and offer fonts that can be used for commercial projects.

For this reason, I very rarely download free fonts found anywhere else. I don’t really want to have fonts installed that I can only use for personal projects, in case they mistakenly get used for a commercial project.

Most of the fonts showcased at Font Squirrel are available for download right from their site, but in some cases Font Squirrel will direct you to another site in order to download the font. While it is more ideal to be able to download the fonts directly from Font Squirrel, linking out to other fonts that they can’t offer directly on their site allows them to offer a better selection for visitors while still focusing exclusively on fonts for commercial use.

2. Urban Fonts

Urban FontsUrban Fonts

Urban Fonts is another leader in the world of free fonts. They have thousands of free fonts available, making it one of the largest collections you’ll find anywhere.

Urban Fonts does showcase some premium fonts as well, but they are really just linking out to fonts sold on other sites. Plus, Urban Fonts is definitely known best for its collection of free fonts.

When you’re downloading free fonts at Urban Fonts, you’ll need to watch the license and terms of use, as many of the free fonts will be for personal use only.

3. DaFont


DaFont is another site that has a collection of thousands of free fonts available for download. In a lot of ways, DaFont is similar to Urban Fonts. Both are great places to find free fonts, but you’ll need to be careful and pay attention to licensing details for any fonts that you download.

At DaFont, you can browse through their vast collection of fonts by category, alphabetically, new fonts, top fonts, or search the site for the font that you want to find.

Be sure to check out some of our font collections:

4. FontSpace


FontSpace has a huge collection of more than 60,000 fonts, with more than 15,000 fonts that are free for commercial use. Unfortunately, there is no simple way to browse through only the commercial fonts. You can browse fonts by category, check out the most popular fonts, or check out new fonts. License details are listed for each font, but it’s not ideal if you want to find only the fonts that can be used commercially.

Premium Fonts

Now that we’ve covered some of the best places to find free fonts, let’s move on and cover premium fonts. If you want to focus on the highest-quality fonts that you can use in your projects or you don’t want to worry about licenses that only allow for personal use, purchasing fonts may be your best option.


With a domain like, it’s no surprise that this site is among the leaders of the industry. On the site, you’ll find more than 150,000 (which includes variations) desktop and web fonts, so you’re sure to find something for any project or any need.

You can browse more than 20,000 different font families and the filter makes it very easy to look at the exact types of fonts that you need.

You can also browse the best sellers, new fonts, web fonts, or check out the current deals and promotions.

6. FontSpring


FontSpring is another excellent website to browse and purchase premium fonts. Their collection of more than 60,000+ fonts and 14,000+ font families is huge, even if it’s not as big as the collection at

One of the primary objectives of FontSpring is to simplify the licensing of fonts for designers. The fonts you purchase from FontSpring can be used on as many projects as you like with no annual fee.

Be sure to check the deals section at FontSpring to find some great limited-time offers. You can also use their Matcherator to find and idenify fonts used in other designs.

7. FontShop


With more than 20,000 font families available, FontShop is another great place to find fonts for your upcoming projects. You can browse fonts by category, check out the new fonts, see which fonts are selling the best, or make use of their excellent fontlists feature.

Fontlists have been created by various users and can be a great way to find fonts that you’ll love. Some fontlists include fonts or a particular style or for a purpose. Other fontlists offer alternatives to a popular font (like Helvetica alternatives).

8. MyFonts


MyFonts features a huge collection of more than 130,000 fonts to choose from. Of course, you can browse fonts by category, see the hot new fonts, best sellers, or check out the bundles and special offers. The bundles can be a great resource if you want to stock up on a lot of different fonts without paying a lot of money.

MyFonts also offers WhatTheFont, which is a font identification tool similar to Matcherator.

9. Creative Market

Creative MarketCreative Market

Creative Market is a popular marketplace where designers can sell their products. Their fonts category includes more than 30,000 different fonts and the selection here is a lot different than what you will find at most of the premium font sites already mentioned.

Overall, the quality of fonts available at Creative Market is good, but you’re dealing with thousands of different designers and creatives, so there is a lot of variation.

For the most part, the prices at Creative Market are good, especially on some of the bundles of multiple fonts that are available.

10. GraphicRiver


Like Creative Market, GraphicRiver is a marketplace that features the work of thousands of designers and creatives (it’s part of Envato’s network of sites). There are more than 8,000 fonts available at GraphicRiver so the selection is large, even if it’s not as big as some of the other sites.

Many of the fonts for sale at GraphicRiver will not be found at other sites, and you’re not going to find most of the popular and common fonts here either. Overall, prices are low at GraphicRiver.

11. Design Cuts

Design CutsDesign Cuts

Design Cuts is a deal site that features the work of various designers in the form of limited-time offers, as well as a marketplace. The site doesn’t focus exclusively on fonts, but they often run deals on quality fonts in bundles, plus you can browse through the selection of individual fonts and families in the marketplace.

12. MightyDeals


MightyDeals is a popular daily deals type of site that caters to web and graphic designers. Like Design Cuts, MightyDeals does not focus exclusively on fonts, but they do usually have a few font deals going at any particular time.

The selection of fonts available at MightyDeals pales in comparison to most of the other sites covered in this article, but the deals that are available can be great. While the deals and available offers change from time to time, MightyDeals always seems to have a number of font families on sale, as well as a few bundles of fonts.

13. InkyDeals


InkyDeals is another deal site that is similar in some ways to MightyDeals. The site includes a marketplace, as well as limited time deals.

While the selection of fonts at InkyDeals is very limited, the low prices and cheap font bundles can be a great resource if you’re looking to build a large library of fonts while spending a minimal amount of money. For example, one of the deals that is currently available at the time this article is being written is a collection of 296 handwritten fonts for just $29.

Final Word

Whether you are looking for a single font or trying to build a large library of fonts that you can use for future projects, all of the websites featured in this article can be excellent resources. The free sites allow you to download fonts without the need to spend money, bundles are available for amazing prices at some of these sites, and of course, you can also buy a license for individual fonts or families as needed. Just be sure to always carefully check the license before using any font.

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