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Searching for the perfect modern font for your brand can be quite exhausting and overwhelming with the incredible amount of font collection websites available. It does help if you have some specifics lined out first, such as the look you want your font to portray. And of course, as a brand, you will also need a font that comes with a commercial license. Some fonts come with a huge family from which you could create everything, including your logo, headings, and body text. Or you may want to stick with a very stylistic logo or headers but use a normal everyday font for your body text.

No matter the look you need, the following 25 modern fonts include a huge variety for different brands.

The following modern fonts also include ones that are completely free as well as ones that will need to be purchase. However, the premium fonts showcased here are all available at extremely reasonable prices. You could even join Envato Elements for just $16.50 per month and get access to millions of resources including a huge collection of fonts.

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The Best Modern Fonts

Cardillac Light


Cardillac is an excellent font from designer Dieter Hofrichter. It comes in 14 variations and one of them, Cardillac Light, can be downloaded for free. When you need a lightweight modern font, Cardillac Light is the perfect option.



Qwenzy is a luxurious and elegant modern serif font. A web font version is also included.


Qanaya - Modern FontQanaya - Modern Font

Although the preview above shows only uppercase letters, Qanaya actually includes both uppercase and lowercase letters. It comes in Regular, Round (see more round fonts), and Bold variations and is a rather versatile font.



Gallery is a stylish modern font that comes in uppercase and lowercase, plus European language support. It also comes in a web font version.

Streamline Moderne

Streamline ModerneStreamline Moderne

This elegant modern font also has a certain vintage font feel to it. A web font is included.



Since this font comes in all caps, it’s not going to be useful for every single situation (like body copy), but it can be great as a headline font and for other short sections of text.



Kinfolk is an all caps font that comes with numbers and punctuation. A web font version is available.



Bastia is a bold serif font that comes in regular and outline versions. You’ll also get a bonus sans serif font that is ideal for pairing with Bastia. A web font version of Bastia is available.

Calluna Regular


When you’re looking for a beautiful serif font, Calluna is a great choice. There are a total of eight fonts in the family and Calluna Regular can be downloaded for free.



This stylish modern font comes in Regular and Italic. You’ll love Analogue with its elegance and versatility.


Hyogo - Modern FontHyogo - Modern Font

Hyogo is an excellent font that offers two different weights, uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, as well as multilingual support. A web font version is also included.

Questa Regular

Questa RegularQuesta Regular

Questa is a large family that includes 40 different fonts. One of them, Questa Regular, can be downloaded for free. This beautiful modern font is simple and elegant.



Lovelace is a wonderful modern font that comes in 30 different variations. The weights vary from extra light to extra bold with italic versions of each also available. There are two variations that can be downloaded for free: Lovelace Text Regular and Lovelace Text Bold Italic.

Skema Pro

Skema ProSkema Pro

Skema Pro has a different look than most of the other fonts included in this list. The serifs are more angled than flat. It’s a somewhat subtle change, but it adds some nice variety in comparison to more blocky fonts. There are a total of 84 fonts in the Skema family with Skema Pro Display Medium and Skema Pro Display Medium Italic being offered for free. If you’re looking for a modern font in a medium weight, this is an excellent option.

Wild & Folk

Wild & FolkWild & Folk

Wild & Folk is a beautiful modern font that also includes a web font version.



Sundays was inspired by fonts like Baskerville. It’s a thin font and very classy. A web font version is available.



Sandover comes in five weights and included lowercase letters, although only uppercase letters are shown in the preview. It also includes glyphs and non-English characters, as well as a web font version.

Ratio Modern

Ratio ModernRatio Modern

Ratio Modern comes with a total of five fonts (Regular, Italic, Medium, ExtraBold, and Small Caps).



Delores is a fairly simple but stylish modern serif font. It comes in one weight and a web font version is also available.

Anglecia Pro Display

Anglecia Pro DisplayAnglecia Pro Display

There are 14 different fonts included in this family, from extra light to black, including italic versions. Two of those fonts (Anglecia Pro Display Regular and Anglecia Pro Display Italic) are available for free.



Addington comes in seven different weights, plus italics. It’s a high-quality font that’s very versatile and you’ll probably find yourself using it quite frequently.



Wensley comes in Light, Regular, and Bold. It includes lowercase letters, uppercase letters, numbers, punctuation, and non-English characters.



Vollkorn is an outstanding free font that has eight variations. There are four weights (Regular, Semi Bold, Bold, and Black), and each weight also comes with an italic version.



Adrina comes in three different weights and offers multilingual support. A web font version is included.



Kampium is a modern serif font that has a different style than most of the other fonts showcased here.



Earn is a bold modern serif font that is ideal for titles, headlines, and short sections of text.

What Is a Modern Font?

Contrary to the common misconception, modern fonts are not necessarily new. A modern font is characterized by straight vertical lines, thin serifs, and many modern fonts use both thick and thin widths within the letters.

When Should I Use a Modern Font?

Some modern fonts are not ideal for body copy where there is a large amount of text. These fonts are more ideal for titles and headlines and are often displayed at larger sizes.

Which Modern Font Is the Best?

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