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Your choice of fonts will have a massive impact on the overall impact of your web and graphic design. Here at Vandelay Design, we’ve been fans of the minimalist design style for a long time. There’s something special about a clean design that lacks clutter. Font choice is especially important with a minimalist design style because typography is likely to play a larger role in the design.

If you’re looking for a new font to create an elegant, stylish design, this list of 30 minimalist fonts can help.

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The Best Minimalist Fonts

Let’s start by looking at the highest-quality premium fonts that are ideal for use in commercial projects. These minimal fonts are all reasonably priced and will add a beautiful finishing touch to your work.

Many of the fonts showcased here are available at Envato Elements. If you love fonts, and I know you do, Envato Elements is the best resource out there. A subscription gives you access to unlimited downloads of more than 16,000 high-quality fonts, plus millions of other design resources like photos, videos, templates, and more. Learn more about Envato Elements here.


This crisp sans serif font comes in four weights (Ultra Light, Light, Regular, and Bold), making it highly versatile. It’s an all-caps font, so it’s not ideal for long sections of body copy, but it’s perfect for headlines (especially in bold). Numbers and punctuation are included in the download.


Gaoel Sans

Gaoel Sans is a unique and bold all-caps sans serif. The letters have plenty of character, as you can see from the screenshot below. It has a geometric look and is more suitable for headlines than body copy. There are two styles included, plus numerals, punctuation, and accents for multilingual characters. A web font version is also included.

Gaoel SansGaoel Sans

Univa Nova

Univa Nova is a gorgeous typeface with a total of 16 versions (eight different weights in regular and italic). The download includes both OTF and TTF formats, plus a web font. You’ll also get a collection of more than 300 glyphs and design elements. With clean lines and high legibility, Univa Nova is perfect for print design, websites, apps, and other creative projects.

Univa NovaUniva Nova

Luxora Grotesk

Luxora Grotesk is a versatile sans serif that you’ll find yourself using over and over. There are a total of 14 fonts in the package (7 weights with italic versions of each), so you can easily use it for body copy, blog headers, book covers, branding projects, and more. It offers OpenType features and also comes in TTF and web font formats. There are more than 300 glyphs included as well.

Luxora GroteskLuxora Grotesk

Articulat CF

Articulat CF is a multi-purpose font that you’ll definitely want to have in your arsenal. It includes uppercase and lowercase characters, ligatures, fractions, alternate glyphs, and multi-lingual support. You’ll love the fact that Articulat CF comes in ten different weights, plus oblique versions, for a total of 20 different fonts. This selection makes it very versatile and equally suitable for body copy and headlines. A web font version is also available.

Articulat CF - Minimalist FontsArticulat CF - Minimalist Fonts


Bastia is a beautiful modern serif that’s perfect for use in your minimal designs. When you want professional, elegant typography, Bastia and the thin sans serif font (Halifax Regular) that comes with it make an excellent combo. Bastia is bold, making it ideal for headlines. An outline version is also included, which is perfect for posters, greeting cards, merchandise, and more. A web font is available.



Equinox is a slightly futuristic all-caps font. Alternate versions of each letter are included to provide more versatility. The rounded edges and clean lines make Equinox an interesting and effective choice for clean, minimal designs. The package includes numbers, punctuation, multilingual letters, and a web font.



Original is another rounded font that’s all-caps. An alternate version of each letter is included, plus obliques. The download includes numbers, symbols, and international characters. Original is an ideal choice for things like clean logo design and branding, headlines, badges, t-shirts and apparel, and more.



Essenziale is a condensed all-caps sans serif that stands out from most of the other modern fonts and the options showcased here. There are Regular, Bold, Slab, and Slab Bold fonts with italic versions of each, for a total of eight variations. You’ll also get more than 400 glyphs and 30 ligatures to create decorative looks. Multilanguage support is included.


Headley Sans

Headley Sans is a minimalist font with a vintage feel. Like some of the others already mentioned here, it’s an all-caps font that won’t be ideal for every situation. Headley Sans is well suited for branding and logos, headlines, minimalist posters, advertising, apparel, and merchandise. It includes numbers, symbols, and multilingual support. It’s also PUA encoded so it can be used in any software.

Headley Sans - Minimalist Font


Alaska is an all-caps sans serif with slightly round edges. It’s ready to be used for headings, branding, invitations and other print designs, merchandise, and more. Numbers and punctuation are included.



Qualy is a bold sans serif with a distinct look. The letters and characters are created with logos in mind, so it’s not the best font for long passages of text. However, if you’re looking for a logo font, Qualy is an excellent choice. It includes numbers, punctuation, and more than 150 Latin accented characters for multilingual support.



Beckman is a modern all-caps sans serif that’s perfect for use in clean, minimalist designs. There are six weights, plus alternate glyphs for variety and versatility. It’s well suited for headlines (the heavy weights), magazine covers, identity design, movie posters, album covers, and fashion.



Nourishe is a minimalist font with beautiful strokes and curves. It includes OpenType features like alternates that give you plenty of versatility. The package comes with uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, symbols, swashes, and muli-lingual support. Nourishe is an excellent choice when you need an elegant font.



Dallas is an all-caps sans serif with a slight vintage feel. It comes in five weights, including two outline variations. You’ll also get numbers, punctuation, and multi-lingual support. Dallas is perfect for headlines, flyers, packaging, and more.



Breymont is an all-caps font that comes with two variations of each letter. It also comes with numerals, punctuation, multilingual support, and a web font. You’ll love using Breyfont for editorial projects, print-based design, social media posts, and headlines.



This geometric sans serif font family includes eight weights plus an italic version of each, for a total of 16 fonts. The versatility makes it a great choice, especially for your minimal designs. The package includes uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, and OpenType features like ligatures and fractions. With so many different weights included, you can use Ageo for body copy, headlines, and much more.


Cebo Typeface

Cebo is a minimalist typeface that includes five variations with some really unique characteristics. You’ll love Cebo Twin and Cebo Expand that make it easy to create typography with a custom look. It’s the perfect choice for book covers, album covers, movie posters, gig posters, branding, and more.

Cebo TypefaceCebo Typeface


Gilmer is a geometric font inspired by typefaces like Futura and Avant Garde. Perfect for modern designs, there are five different weights included, plus an outline version. Gilmer will prove to be highly valuable for your minimal designs due to its versatility. It’s ideal for branding, headlines, body copy, magazine layouts, websites, and more. The package includes more than 400 glyphs and multilingual characters. A web font is available.



Anna is a truly unique font that can work well with minimalist designs. With the bold letters and sharp edges, Anna is perfect for headlines, posters, and branding. The package includes uppercase and lowercase letters, plus a web font.



Minimal is an all-caps decorative display font. This thin font is perfect for use in your own minimal designs and futuristic designs, including websites, branding, packaging, t-shirts, posters, and more. A web font is available.


North Forest

North Forest is a serif typeface that works well for minimalist designs and makes use of geometric shapes. With a Viction vintage influence, North Forest is much different than most of the others covered here. It’s suitable for wedding invitations, cards, packaging, apparel, headlines, and other elegant design.

North ForestNorth Forest


Storystone is another serif font that will take your minimalist designs to the next level. The combination of thick and thin lines makes this one a standout. Storystone comes with uppercase and lowercase letters, plus plenty of alternates that make it easy to create decorative text with a custom look and feel. It’s an ideal choice for websites, print-based design, logos and branding, t-shirts, merchandise, product packaging, and more.



Velta is a unique modern all-caps sans serif. It’s bold with angular elements. The package includes numbers and punctuation.


Free Minimalist Fonts

Above, we’ve looked at the best premium options, but if you’re looking for a free minimalist font you will have some choices. Most of the free fonts are limited (only one weight may be free) or they may not be licensed for commercial use. As always when you’re using a free resource, be sure to check the license and terms.


Museo is a great-looking font family, and three weights (300, 500, and 700) are available for free. This distinct font will be useful for a wide range of products, including designs with a minimalist style.


Novocento Sans is a large premium font family with many variations. The Wide style includes six different weights that can be downloaded for free. This all-caps display font is ideal for your minimal designs.

Novocento Sans WideNovocento Sans Wide

Uni Sans

Uni Sans is a family of 14 sans serif fonts, with four being available for free. It’s an all-caps font so it won’t be the right choice for every project, but in the right situation, you’ll love it.

Uni SansUni Sans


Gnuolane Regular is a tall sans serif that’s available for free.



Raleway is a versatile sans serif family that includes a total of 18 fonts (9 weights in regular and matching italics). The bold weights are ideal for headlines.



Lovelo is a unique option. There are 3 variations: Line Light, Line Bold, and Black. Black is simply a heavyweight sans serif but Line Light and Line Bold are very interesting.


Final Thoughts

Fonts are a major part of any graphic design, but typography is even more important with a minimal design style. Whether you’re looking for headline fonts, simple typefaces, or a geometric font family, you’ll find plenty of options here.

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