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Whether you’re designing a poster, credits, text cards, or even a theatrical trailer, typography is an important part of the design process for movies. They need to be both aesthetically pleasing and readable, but most importantly they have to stand out in the final product. The typeface you choose will help determine the personality of your movie, so it’s important to know which fonts work best with what genre.

In this post, we’ll be taking a look at the best movie fonts and typefaces for creating movie posters, movie covers, and movie credits. We’re going to cover both free fonts as well as premium fonts that are available on sites like Envato Elements and Creative Market. There’s a lot of variety, so you should have no problem finding something that suits your needs!

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The Best Movie Fonts

First, we’ll take a look at the highest-quality and most beautiful movie fonts. There are plenty of different styles represented here, so choose the ones that fit best with your project.

Many of the fonts showcased here are available at Envato Elements. If you love fonts, and I know you do, Envato Elements is the best resource out there. A subscription gives you access to unlimited downloads of more than 16,000 high-quality fonts, plus millions of other design resources like photos, videos, templates, and more. Learn more about Envato Elements here.

Due Credit

Due Credit is a condensed sans serif font that comes in four different weights: light, regular, bold, and extra bold. The bold and extra bold weights are perfect for use as headlines in posters and cover art design, while the light and regular weights are best for credits and smaller text. The download includes lowercase and uppercase letters (all caps, just different sizes), an additional “horror” style, glyphs, and a web font.

Due Credit - Movie FontsDue Credit - Movie Fonts

Freaky Story

Freaky Story is a condensed serif that’s ideal for creepy or spooky films. It’s a very unique font that’s unlike any other. It’s an all-caps font, but the lowercase letters provide an alternate style to give you a design choice and allow you to create what looks like a custom design.

Freaky StoryFreaky Story


Faktor is a bold, all-caps display font. It’s one of the best headline fonts and ideal for use with film posters and titles. It’s sure to make an impact and grab attention. There’s just one weight, but four variations: regular, italic, outline, and outline italic. A web font version is also included.


Last Dance

Last Dance is a retro font inspired by movies and VHS covers of the 1980s (see more 80s fonts here). It’s a hand-inked script that will give plenty of character to your designs. You’ll love the two alternative sets of characters that give plenty of possibilities and allow you to create something that looks truly handwritten. The download also includes numbers, punctuation, symbols, and a web font.

Last DanceLast Dance

Zombie Punks

Zombie Punks is another 80s-inspired font, from the same designer who created Last Dance. It’s a grungy hand-drawn font that is perfect in the right situation. There are two styles (regular and alternative), both in all caps. You’ll also get numbers, punctuation, symbols, and a web font.

Zombie PunksZombie Punks

Movie Credits

Movie Credits is a thin font that can be used for, you guessed it, movie credits (among other things). It comes in two variations: regular and rounded. Lowercase and uppercase letters are included, but the lowercase letters are smaller versions of the uppercase characters.

Mars Attack

Mars Attack is an interesting font made with hand-crafted strokes. It includes uppercase letters, lowercase letters, punctuation, and numbers. It’s ready to be used in the design of movie posters and much more.

Mars AttackMars Attack


Njord is a bold display typeface that you’ll love. There are two fonts in the family: regular and alternate. The alternate letters include stylistic decorations that make it easy to create a unique customized look. It’s an all-caps font, so it won’t be useful for every situation, but Njord is perfect for movie posters, covers, and titles.

Njord - Movie FontsNjord - Movie Fonts


Histories was inspired by the lettering on book covers and film covers of fairytales. If you’re you’re looking for a fun font with a lot of character, Histories is a great option. It comes in four different weights: regular, medium, semi bold, and bold. You’ll get lowercase and uppercase letters, alternates, numbers, punctuation, ligatures, and multi-language support.


No Signal

No Signal is a sans serif display font with a glitch effect. It’s perfect for retro projects, especially from the 80s. Use it for designing movie posters, covers, or titles (or video games). It’s an all-caps font that’s best when used with large text.

No SignalNo Signal


Blackpast is a futuristic font that’s perfect for movie titles and poster designs. It’s an all-caps sans serif font that comes in two versions. The lowercase letters are an alternate version of the standard characters, providing plenty of variety for your designs. Mix and match the uppercase (regular) and lowercase (alternate) letters to get a custom-designed look.

Blackpast - Movie FontsBlackpast - Movie Fonts


Thertole is a hand-made display font that’s ready to be used for designing movie titles and headlines. The rock-inspired design makes it one-of-a-kind. The download includes stylistic alternates, ligatures, international characters, and a web font.



Brigand is an all-caps font that was inspired by old Western movies. It’s ideal for use in titles and posters. The package includes two variations: regular and rough (textured). Numbers and basic punctuation are also provided.



Savath is a font family inspired by retro horror films. The family includes six different fonts. There are three variations (regular, rough, and rust), and there’s also a shadow style for each variation. While Savath is ideal for movie posters and titles, it can also be used for beautiful book cover design, game covers, flyers, apparel, product packaging, and more. It comes with extra graphic design elements, logo templates, and a web font.



Hermes is a sharp futuristic font that’s perfect for action movie posters, titles, video game covers, album covers, flyers, and more. Although it’s an all-caps font, the lowercase letters provide a stylistic variant that you’ll love for creating a customized look. The package includes 180+ glyphs for styling your text and multilingual support for a wide range of languages.


Jupiter Mission

Jupiter Mission is a futuristic font inspired by science fiction movies and TV shows. You’ll get regular and italic versions, plus a sliced version (and sliced italic) to add lots of character to your designs. It’s especially awesome as a poster title font. The download includes uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, and a web font.

Jupiter MissionJupiter Mission

Sci Fi Bronze

Here is another excellent sci-fi font that’s perfect for movie titles and posters. In addition, it could also be used for logos and branding designs, apparel, merchandise, video games, product packaging, and more.

Sci Fi BronzeSci Fi Bronze

Storm Trooper

Storm Trooper is a fun space-inspired font that comes with four variations: regular, body, armor, and blaster. You can see previews of each in the image below. Armor (an outline font), and blaster provide something a little out of the ordinary.

Storm TrooperStorm Trooper


Are you looking for a unique font that’s sure to stand out? Manicuore was inspired by Italian movie posters. It’s an all-caps hand-drawn font that comes in a single style. Alternates are provided as the lowercase letters, giving you some options for adding variations. It also comes with a set of graphic elements that match the style of the font.



Billionaire is a family of six fonts. There are three weights (thin, regular, and medium) with each weight also available in a textured grunge version. The uppercase and lowercase letters provide a different vintage flair, making it easy to create something special.


Another Danger

Another Danger is a splattered brush font that’s ideal for horror movie titles, covers, and posters, as well as game covers. It’s an all-caps font that comes in regular and slanted. The brush strokes provide the perfect look for action and horror designs.

Another DangerAnother Danger


Okami is another all-caps brushstroke font. The look is a little different than Another Danger, but it could be used in the same scenarios. It’s also useful for t-shirts and apparel, merchandise, branding, product labels, game covers, and more. It includes alternate styles for many characters, as well as numbers, punctuation, and multilingual letters.


Horror Movies

Horror Movies is a suitable font for, as the name suggests, horror movies. This handmade all-caps font could be used for titles, covers, posters, Halloween designs, decorations, and more. It’s best when used with large text because of the rough, textured edges.

Horror MoviesHorror Movies


Disfigured is another rough all-caps horror font. It could also be used for band posters, album covers, t-shirts, merchandise, and more.



Hitchcut was inspired by Saul Bass and Alfred Hitchcock, and it’s perfect for movie poster, cover, and title designs. It’s a bold display font with uppercase and lowercase letters, numerals, punctuation, symbols, and multi-lingual support.


Wizardry Night

Wizardry Night is perfect for use in the design of mystery movie posters and titles. It’s ideal for Halloween and other spooky projects. You can also use Wizardry for gaming, menus, YouTube videos, social media, product packaging, merchandise, and more. The download includes uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, and a web font. It comes in OpenType format as well as PUA encoded characters.

Wizardry Night Movie FontWizardry Night Movie Font

The Crow

The Crow is a family of eight unique fonts. You won’t find anything quite like The Crow. It’s a retro and vintage font that could work very well with some movie titles, covers, and posters. You’ll love the shadow and grunge variations.

The CrowThe Crow


Skisterstone is a signature script font that could be fantastic for movie posters and covers. Additionally, it could be used for social media images, branding, apparel, product packaging, and anywhere else where you need a quality signature font. It includes support for more than 100 languages.



Possed is another script font, but with a much different feel. It’s perfect for films, logos, invitations, magazines, apparel, and more. The download includes uppercase and lowercase letters, numerals, symbols, ligatures, and a web font.


Free Movie Fonts

Now that we’ve looked at a collection of the best premium movie fonts, here are some free options. Keep in mind that many freebies are free only for personal use and cannot be used for commercial design projects. So be sure to check the terms of the license before using any free font.

The Godfather

The Godfather was obviously modeled after the typography used in the movie posters of The Godfather series. It’s free for personal use only.

The GodfatherThe Godfather

Death Star

Death Start is a Star Wars-inspired font that’s also free only for personal use.

Death StarDeath Star


Inspired by Tron, TR2N is an all-caps outline font (free for personal use only).


Scream Real

Scream Real is another movie-inspired font that’s free for personal use.

Scream Real


Ringbearer is a replica of the Lord of the Rings font, and it’s free for personal use.


Final Thoughts

The typefaces showcased here are perfect for any project that involves movies or films, although they can be used for many other purposes as well. Poster designers will love these fonts for creating beautiful text that’s guaranteed to stand out.

If you want to create amazing designs, you need access to the right fonts. Be sure to check out Envato Elements and the 16,000+ fonts you can get for one low monthly payment.

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