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The right font can make or break your design. In the right situation, a rounded font can help to complete the look that you’re after. Here, you’ll find a collection of amazing round fonts that will give you plenty of choices.

The Best Rounded Fonts

The fonts in this section are premium fonts that will help to take your digital designs to the next level. Some of them are available at Envato Elements. With a subscription to Envato Elements, you can get unlimited downloads of millions of files for just $16.50 per month. It’s an amazing deal that gives you access to thousands of typefaces and plenty of other valuable resources.

Fonseca Rounded

Fonseca Rounded, available at Envato Elements, comes in regular and bold with oblique versions of each. It’s versatile and can be used in many different projects.

Fonseca RoundedFonseca Rounded


Sonorous (starting at $14) is an interesting sans serif font because it comes in a regular variety, as well as two other variations: rough and textured. Although it’s displayed in all caps in the screenshot, it does come with lowercase characters.


Roves Sans

If you’re looking for a beautiful font with rounded edges and a vintage feel, Roves Sans could be an outstanding choice. It’s a textured all caps font that starts at just $10. Roves Sans is ideal for creating social media images, branding, product labels, advertisements, and more.

Roves SansRoves Sans

Visby Round

Visby Round comes in 16 variations from extra light to heavy with oblique versions of each. It’s a stylish font that could be used in text-heavy areas or for headlines. Pricing starts at $40, which is a great value considering what’s included in the package.

Visby RoundVisby Round


Void (starting at $15) comes in five weights from light to bold with both upper and lowercase alphabets.



Nubolts is a beautiful all-caps display font that comes in regular and bold (plus multilingual characters), with outline versions of each. You can download Nubolts with a subscription to Envato Elements.



This sans serif font, available at Envato Elements, could be used for a wide variety of different purposes.


Seido Round

Seido Round is semi-condensed font with 12 variations (six weights with oblique versions of each). This font is available with an Envato Elements subscription.

Seido RoundSeido Round


Studly (starting at $15) comes in 5 different weights, including an outline font. You can layer the different weights and outline font to create beautiful results as you mix and match.


Grota Sans Rounded

This huge package includes 40 fonts (a wide variety of weights plus alternate versions). Pricing starts at $239.

Grota Sans RoundedGrota Sans Rounded

Config Rounded

Config Rounded is a huge font family that includes a total of 20 sans serif fonts. With a big selection of weights to choose from, this is a highly versatile font that you’ll probably use a lot. It can be downloaded with a membership to Envato Elements.

Config RoundedConfig Rounded


Knicknack is a fun sans serif font that can be downloaded at Envato Elements. It comes in regular and fuzzy. That’s right. Fuzzy.


Fox & Bower

If you’re looking for a fantastic headline font, consider Fox & Bower. It comes in one weight and all caps. Pricing starts at $16.

Fox and BowerFox and Bower


Thorce is a unique and beautiful font with two variations. It can be downloaded with a subscription to Envato Elements.



Aoki is another ideal option if you’re looking for a headline font. It’s an uppercase font that comes in light, regular, and inline.


Espion Rounded

Espion Rounded is ideal for headlines or big, heavy text. It’s accessible through Envato Elements.

Espion RoundedEspion Rounded

Minimalist Typeface

Minimalist Typeface is an all-caps font that comes in seven different variations, including glyphs, multi language characters, and other assets. Pricing starts at $18.


Polly Rounded

With four different weights from thin to bold, Polly Rounded is a great font that you’ll find yourself using a lot. It includes upper and lowercase letters, plus multilingual support. Pricing starts at $15.

Polly RoundedPolly Rounded


Longitude comes in five weights from light to black, with italic versions of each. The medium, bold, and black versions are pretty heavy. It’s also optimized for more than 30 foreign languages. Pricing starts at just $5, making it an incredible value.


Neumatic Gothic Round

Neumatic Gothic Round (starting at $32) comes in 14 different variations.

Neumatic GothicNeumatic Gothic

Lucy Rounded

Lucy Rounded comes in regular and bold, with italic versions of each as well. Pricing starts at $12.

Lucy RoundedLucy Rounded


Anita (starting at $19) is one of the more unique typefaces listed here. While it may not be the right choice for every purpose, it can be a great font when it’s appropriate for the situation (including branding). It comes in three different weights.



Bouquet is an all caps sans serif font with rounded edges. Since it does not include a lowercase alphabet, it’s not suitable for large amounts of text, but it’s ideal for headlines and other uses with a small amount of text. Pricing starts at $19.


Leo Rounded

This sans serif font comes in ten different weights from thin to heavy and is available with a subscription to Envato Elements.

Leo RoundedLeo Rounded

Hank Rounded

Hank Rounded (starting at $14) is a wonderful multi-purpose font that comes in four weights. It could be used for just about any project.

Hank RoundedHank Rounded

Rhythm Round

Rhythm Round is a modern typeface that comes in three weights. Pricing starts at $7.

Rhythm RoundRhythm Round


Wedges is a fat font that won’t be the right choice for every situation, but it can be a really fun font to use. It comes in regular and italic and pricing starts at $14.


Free Rounded Fonts

Although the premium typefaces showcased above are priced extremely well, there may be times when you need to find a free font. With that in mind, here are your best options.

Arista Pro

Arista Pro is a beautiful font that comes in 22 different weights and variations. Three of them are free and the others must be purchased. The free fonts include Artista Pro Fat, Arista Pro Alternate Hairline, and an icon font.

Aritsa ProAritsa Pro

Steelfish Rounded Bold

Steelfish Rounded is a gorgeous condensed font that looks great in all caps or a combination of uppercase and lowercase. There are five different weights and Steelfish Rounded Bold is available for free.

Steelfish RoundedSteelfish Rounded

Centrale Sans Rounded Light

There is one weight of this beautiful font that is available for free – Centrale Sans Rounded Light. If you’re looking for a thin or lightweight rounded sans serif font, it’s an excellent choice.

Centrale Sans RoundedCentrale Sans Rounded

Foro Rounded Light

Foro Rounded comes in 16 different variations (8 weights, regular and italics). Foro Rounded Light is available for free and the others can be purchased. It is a nice slab serif font that has gently rounded corners.

Foro Rounded LightForo Rounded Light

Ponsi Rounded Slab Regular

Ponsi Rounded Slab comes in regular and heavy weights. The regular version is available as a free download.

Ponsi Rounded Slab RegularPonsi Rounded Slab Regular

Estandar Rounded Regular

Estandar Rounded is a sans serif font family. There are a total of 12 variations plus a dingbat font included in the package. Estandar Rounded Regular can be downloaded for free.

Estandar RoundedEstandar Rounded


Baloo is a heavy rounded font (only one weight) that is perfect when you’re looking for a heavy font.


Varela Round

This versatile sans serif font is free in one weight.

Varela RoundVarela Round


Dosis comes with 7 different (free) weights, so it gives you plenty of options to use in a lot of different ways.



Solway is a slab serif font that comes in five weights.



Helsinki is an all caps font that is very heavy and is slightly rounded.



Jellee is another heavy font, but compared to Helsinki, it is much more significantly rounded (plus it comes in both lowercase and uppercase).



Quiksand comes in 7 different variations, including two weights.


Final Thoughts

As you can see, rounded fonts come in a wide variety of different styles and you can find a font for just about any purpose. In your arsenal, they add some variety to geometric fonts felt straight lines or angles from a corner. We hope this post has helped you to find a few new rounded fonts with a friendly feel to add to your arsenal.

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