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Looking for the right font to use with your next design project? Slab serif fonts (sometimes called square serifs or Egyptian) can be a great choice in the right situation. The thick, blocky letters tend to look great with headlines, either in print or digitally. As one of the more versatile font types, slab serif fonts can also be used for smaller body copy while still maintaining readability.

Here we’ll highlight some of the best slab serif fonts that might be just the right fit for your own project.

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The Best Slab Serif Fonts

Gunberg Slab Serif

Gunberg is an all-caps font that has a vintage feel. It comes in both clean and rough versions (great as a grunge font), so you can choose the style that works best for your project. Since it’s all-caps, it’s not a good choice for body copy or long passages of text, but it is perfect for headlines or shorter passages of text.

Gunberg - The Best Slab Serif FontsGunberg - The Best Slab Serif Fonts

Rust & Nails

Rust & Nails is another slab serif that comes in clean and rough versions. While this font also has a vintage style, it’s different than Gunberg. It’s a little more versatile since it includes lowercase letters.

Rust & Nails - Slab Serif FontsRust & Nails - Slab Serif Fonts

Rosebay Slab

Rosebay is a beautiful, thick slab serif that I think you’ll love to use in your designs. The seventies-inspired font also comes with an oblique version.

Rosebay - Slab Serif FontsRosebay - Slab Serif Fonts


Bondie is a condensed slab serif that includes standard ligatures, numerals, and punctuation. It’s an uppercase font, and one of the best headline fonts. Bondie is also ideal for logos, branding, and more.



Yahya is a versatile font that comes in five different weights. Although the preview image below only shows capital letters, Yahya also includes lowercase letters. This minimalist font has plenty of style and I think you’ll find yourself using it quite frequently.



Looking for a clean and beautiful font? Chelina is an excellent choice. It comes in five different weights and includes both uppercase and lowercase letters.

Chelina - Slab Serif FontsChelina - Slab Serif Fonts


Northwest comes in three different weights, with a rough version in the same three weights also included. It’s an all-caps font, and while it may not be the right choice for every project, it’s an awesome font that you’re sure to use with many projects.



Diesel comes in light, regular, and bold, plus italic versions of each. It’s an “athletic” font that fits the design style frequently used for sports-related designs. Like several of the others that we’ve looked at so far, Diesel is all-caps.


The Sailor Typeface

Sailor is a unique vintage font. It’s an all-caps font that comes in four weights (thin, regular, medium, and bold).

The Sailor TypefaceThe Sailor Typeface


Slabien is a clean, modern font that features some unique characteristics. It also comes as a web font.



Faltige is a thick, bold font that’s ideal for logos and branding. It’s best when used at large sizes.


Woodman Slab Serif

Woodman comes in thin, regular, and heavy and there are four different styles for each weight — normal, rounded, press, and grunge. There is also a grunge outline font in the heavy weight, for a total of 13 different fonts.

Woodman Slab SerifWoodman Slab Serif


Jerome is a condensed font that comes in thin, light, and regular weights. Both lowercase and uppercase letters are included, plus standard ligatures.


Tupelo Honey

You don’t see a lot of hand-drawn slab serif fonts, so Tupelo Honey is fairly unique. It’s a thin font and only comes in one weight, but it’s pretty versatile with lowercase and uppercase letters included.

Tupelo HoneyTupelo Honey


Campfire is a beautiful font that’s perfect for headlines, logos, and branding. It can be used in small or large sizes, and it also comes with a web font.

Campfire - Slab Serif FontsCampfire - Slab Serif Fonts


Ferguson comes in regular and condensed versions, with five weights each (plus some bonuses light Bold Shadow). Although the preview image only shows uppercase letters, the lowercase letters are included as well.


Carnival VP

Carnival VP is long and clean, and it also includes a lot of extra glyphs that can be used to give your text more character (as you can see in the preview image).

Carnival VPCarnival VP

Modern Outdoor

Modern Outdoor is an all-caps display font that’s ideally used in large sizes. The creator mentions that it is perfect for signage, posters, and wall graphics.

Modern Outdoor


Gratefully features fun or playful handmade letters. While it’s not going to be used all the time, it could be the perfect choice for certain projects. A web font version is also included.



Zero features a clean design and unique angles that make it one-of-a-kind. It’s all-caps and comes in one weight.


Toma Slab Serif

Toma Slab Serif comes in 7 different weights, plus an italic version of each, plus a huge collection of glyphs. Uppercase and lowercase letters are included and Toma can be used in small body copy as well as larger text sizes.

Toma Slab SerifToma Slab Serif

Hudson NY

Hudson NY comes with regular and press fonts. The press version has a light texture on the letters. This bold all-caps font is best for large sizes of text

Hudson NYHudson NY

Urban Cowboy

Urban Cowboy is a modern western styled font. It’s all-caps and has one weight. This is another font that won’t be used all the time, but it can be a lot of fun in the right situation.

Urban CowboyUrban Cowboy

Lunchbox Slab

Lunchbox Slab includes uppercase, lowercase, and small caps, with four style variations of each. The font has a hand-drawn style that you’ll find to be very useful.

Lunchbox SlabLunchbox Slab


Clyde comes in four versions (regular, rough, rounded, and italic). It’s an all-caps font with an authentic vintage feel.


Free Slab Serif Fonts

So far we’ve showcased some awesome premium slab serif fonts, but maybe you’re looking for free alternatives. Here are 15 outstanding options you can download and use for free.






Faustina - Free Slab Serif FontsFaustina - Free Slab Serif Fonts

Life Savers

Life SaversLife Savers



Bitstream Vera Serif

Bitstream Vera SerifBitstream Vera Serif

Museo Slab

Museo SlabMuseo Slab

Crete Round

Crete Round





Roboto Slab

Roboto SlabRoboto Slab







Patua One

Patua OnePatua One

We hope you’ve enjoyed this collection of premium and free slab serif fonts. Have fun using them in your own designs!

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