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Is there any season that’s more fun than summer? While every season has something that makes it loved, summer is a time for vacations, warm weather, relaxing at the beach, and enjoying sunsets.

If you love summer, you might appreciate having a nice summer wallpaper or desktop background on your computer. You probably see your wallpaper a lot, so why not decorate it with something that creates happy thoughts?

This page features 50 amazing photos that are sure to make you appreciate summer even more. Pick one that you like the best (I know that will be a difficult decision) and click through to be able to download a high res version that you can set as your wallpaper or desktop background.

Beautiful Beach at Sunset

Beautiful Beach at SunsetBeautiful Beach at Sunset

This picturesque beach sunset will make you feel like you’re there, rather than at your computer.

Beach from Above

Beach from AboveBeach from Above

Aerial photo that showcases a nice beach in beautiful blue water, plus some palm trees.

Beach from Above

Beach from AboveBeach from Above

Another beautiful aerial shot of the beach, this one without any trees.



This aerial photo looks down on a crowd of people on the beach and swimming in the ocean.

Palm Trees and Sunflare

Palm Trees and SunflarePalm Trees and Sunflare

Beautiful palm trees with a blue sky and sunflare.

A Drink and a View

A Drink and a ViewA Drink and a View

This wallpaper may not help you to feel like getting any work done while you’re at the computer, but it will help you to appreciate summer.

Colorful Sky

Colorful SkyColorful Sky

A colorful sky with clouds to reflect the light and colors.

Ripples in the Water

Ripples in the WaterRipples in the Water

You’ll be ready to jump in and cool off.

Palm Leaf

Palm LeafPalm Leaf

This closeup photo of a palm leaf makes an ideal summer wallpaper or background.

Coastal Views

Coastal ViewsCoastal Views

Scenic coastal landscape featuring a tall cliff along the beach, taken at sunset.

Relaxing on the Beach

Relaxing on the BeachRelaxing on the Beach

Woman in a blue hat lying on a white sand beach with a beautiful view.

Palm Tree Silhouettes

Palm Tee SilhouettesPalm Tee Silhouettes

Palm trees in front of a colorful sunset form nice silhouettes.

Sunset and Palm Trees

Sunset and Palm TreesSunset and Palm Trees

Another silhouette shot, this one looking at toward the ocean and towards the setting sun.

Sunset Scene


This stunning sunset photo features a colorful sky, clouds, and the silhouette of some palm leaves.

Purple Sky

Purple Skye

A colorful sky and silhouette of the tree line.

Amazing Beach

Amazing BeachAmazing Beach

This photo features a quiet beach with nice sand and beautiful blue water.

Island Beach

Island BeachIsland Beach

Beautiful beach with no one in sight.


Sail BoatSail Boat

Sailboat on the water with the coast visible in the distance.

Beach Sunset

Beach SunsetBeach Sunset

Sunset at the beach with some plants in the foreground.



A picturesque path leading to the beach.

Rows of Umbrellas

Rows of UmbrellasRows of Umbrellas

This aerial show features several rows of beach umbrellas that form a pattern.

Beach Umbrella

Beach UmbrellaBeach Umbrella

Some of the best wallpapers and backgrounds are simple, like this photo of a colorful beach umbrella.

Blue Umbrella

Blue Umbrella

Closeup shot of a blue and white beach umbrella with a soft, cloudy sky in the background.



Another simple wallpaper, this one features a starfish on the beach.

Tropical Beach

Tropical BeachTropical Beach

Tropical beach with palm trees, sand, and blue water. A small island is visible in the distance.

Tropical Beach

Tropical BeachTropical Beach

Another tropical beach scene that features beautiful palm trees.

Boat on the Beach

Boat on the BeachBoat on the Beach

A tropical beach with palm trees, blue water, and a small boat.

Road Trip

Road TripRoad Trip

View from the window along the beach.



Closeup of blooming sunflower with a cloudy sky blue sky in the background.

Woman in Sunflower Field

Woman in Sunflower FieldWoman in Sunflower Field

Woman in a brown hat walking through a field of blooming sunflowers.

Swimming Pool

Swimming PoolSwimming Pool

This minimalist photo of a swimming pool features vibrant colors.



Another minimalist photo that features four pineapples and plenty of whitespace.

Pineapple on the Beach

Pineapple on the BeachPineapple on the Beach

What’s better than a pineapple? Pineapple on the beach.



Open coconut lying on the beach in two halves under the shadow of a palm tree.

Ferris Wheel

Ferris WheelFerris Wheel

A cropped shot of a ferris wheel with a clear blue sky in the background.



Closeup shot of footprints in the sand and the ocean in the background.

Pool Raft

Pool RaftPool Raft

Nothing says “summer” like relaxing on a raft in the pool.

Innertube and Pool


Bright green innertube floating on a pool with a blue floor.

Resting on a Palm Tree

Resting on Palm TreeResting on Palm Tree

Speaking of relaxing, this palm tree looks like a pretty good spot.



Scrabble blocks spelling “summer” on the beach with a blurred background.

Looking Up

Looking UpLooking Up

View of a palm tree from below, with a blue sky and the sun above.

Palm Trees Along the Coast

Coastal SceneCoastal Scene

Shallow beach with palm trees right along the water.

Sunglasses by the Pool

Sunglasses by the PoolSunglasses by the Pool

This simple photo works well as a desktop background with some open space for your icons.

Sunglasses on the Beach

Sunglasses on the BeachSunglasses on the Beach

Glistening sand with the ocean in the distance.

Sunglasses on the Beach

Sunglasses on the BeachSunglasses on the Beach

Another option with sunglasses on the beach and the ocean in the distance.

Beach Ball

Beach BallBeach Ball

This photo of a beach ball floating in a pool features a simple background that makes it an excellent choice for desktop wallpaper.

Palm Trees and Sky

Palm Trees and SkyPalm Trees and Sky

Beautiful composition that includes the top of many palm trees and gorgeous blue sky.

Palm Trees

Palm TreesPalm Trees

This photo shows the long palm tree trunks with a clear sky in the background.

Lone Palm Tree

Lone Palm TreeLone Palm Tree

A single palm tree on the beach with the ocean in the background.

Best Summer Ever

Best Summer EverBest Summer Ever

This simple message will remain right in front of you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Set a Photo as My Desktop Wallpaper on a PC?

  • Download the photo you want to use.
  • Right-click on the desktop and choose “Personalize”.
  • Make sure “Picture” is selected from the Background dropdown list.
  • Browse your computer and select the photo you want to use as your wallpaper.

How Do I Set a Photo as My Desktop Wallpaper on a Mac?

  • Download the photo you want to use.
  • Choose the Apple menu > System Preferences.
  • Click “Desktop & Screen Saver”.
  • Select a folder of images on the left, then click an image on the right to change your desktop picture.

How Do I Get a High-Resolution Version of the Photos?

All of the photos showcased here are available in high-resolution. Click on the image on this page and it will lead you to the source where you can download the photo. When you download it, you’ll get the full-size high-res image to use as your wallpaper.


With this selection of photos, you’re sure to find a summer wallpaper or desktop background that you love. Although you might wish it would be summer all year, that’s not the case. Be sure to see our other blog posts to find other seasonal wallpaper:

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