Just moments before we gave ourselves over to the festivities of the New Year’s Eve, we enjoyed a special get-together to have one last appreciative look at all the professional accomplishments and milestone releases we managed to squeeze into 2021. Because what better way to recap such incredibly action-packed twelve months than by chatting with Konrad Keck, the ModulesGarden Founder himself, who was there all along?

So, before we officially press ahead with all grandiose plans we have drawn up for 2022 (a forward peek coming soon!), let us share with you the thrill of Konrad’s personal take on what events exactly made 2021 this much busy:

Google Cloud billing untangled

Cloud Billing For WHMCS left a vast circle of Google Cloud providers extraordinarily excited after the module’s 1.1.0 update that brought to their WHMCS systems the same innovative customer billing model that has been offered so far to the resellers of Amazon Web Services.

Your resellers made feel at home

During the course of 2021, Products Reseller For WHMCS scored large-scale progress in the scope of integration with other ModulesGarden products, including that with EasyDCIM Dedicated Servers For WHMCS that empowers your resellers to branch out into the server offerings of EasyDCIM. Let anyone interested in learning the subject inside out feel invited to explore the know-how shared by the EasyDCIM crew.

More excellent duos on board

cPanel Extended For WHMCS was joined by DirectAdmin Extended For WHMCS (3.7.0) and Plesk Extended For WHMCS (3.6.0) in the group of modules equipped with the native integration with WordPress Manager For WHMCS. This powerful combination spares your customers the bother of leaving the account management panel in your system in order to handle WordPress instances, plugins and backups.

Grand debut of proxy for Proxmox console

Delivered as a crucial ingredient in the twin 3.3.0 update of our leading-edge Proxmox VE Cloud VPS For WHMCS and Proxmox VE VPS For WHMCS modules, the all-new proxy feature owes its snowballing popularity to giving your infrastructure a security boost. Specifically, it unlocks the possibility to hide your Proxmox server so that your clients do not get to know its actual address when connecting to it via the console in your system. Any further questions on how exactly to enjoy access to this top-notch tool can be submitted here.

Marketplace bursting at the seams

The past year saw a record number of totally new modules added to our offer, which help to shrink the ongoing expenses and improve the competitive edge in ways never seen before. It is in close consultation with our brilliantly inventive community that we have developed entirely from scratch:

  • Inactive Account Manager For cPanel
  • Virusdie For WHMCS
  • Freshservice For WHMCS
  • Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure S3 For WHMCS
  • Vultr VPS For WHMCS

Extended repertoire of services

It has long been proven that nothing is impossible for our Custom Software Development team who can easily turn your wildest expectations into a finely constructed plugin or module. Now this universal truth also applies to any individual project focused on enhancing the operational capacities of such top-class platforms as Ubersmith, Clientexec, or WooCommerce.

New era of DNS management

2021 marks a particularly important milestone in the evolution of our flagship DNS Manager For WHMCS. Suffice it to mention that the 3.0 beta version breathed new life into the client area through the fine-tuned lines of code responsible for modernizing every nook and cranny both visually and conceptually. In addition, to ensure even easier and more intuitive completion of assorted actions on DNS records, record sets, and zones, the module invited your clients to take advantage of the long-awaited bulk management tool.

With the new year officially underway, we wish to thank you for playing an essential role in each completed undertaking that allowed ModulesGarden to gracefully enter a decade of professional success, and establish next-level quality standards of user experience for many eventful years to come.

Let’s make 2022 even more innovative one update at a time!

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