If you’re running an online business, a major key to success is based on your ability to track visits and sales, while assuring an SEO-friendly, high-performing website. This requires a detailed analysis of both external users and internal metrics. This is not the area of expertise of many site owners, and your budget may not yet be suited to employing an expert or contracting multiple professional software pieces.

This is where Koality.io comes in.

For web and eCommerce store owners, this is the solution you’ve been looking for. Instead of working with various individual tools, or turning your data over to a web pro, everything you need is in one place. With professional know-how up your sleeve and a dashboard that keeps your performance and marketing on track, businesses can secure sales and avoid mistakes.

And the best part? Koality.io is designed to fit the budget of growing businesses, leading the way in affordable monitoring for everyone. This is a big deal for the industry, and the WebPros group is proud to count Koality.io as its newest member!

Behind every innovation in the market is a passionate team, working hard to make your life easier. As the newest additions to our WebPros family, we spoke to Nils and Stefanie Langner from Koality.io to get insights into Team Koala, and to hear the story of how the business came to be.

Take a look at the interview here!

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