70% of eCommerce store owners use their website for marketing – so it needs to be good. See, there are a few non-negotiables when it comes to having a competitive eCommerce website: speed, stability, and security. These three aspects will make sure your website converts (slow loading = low conversion), can handle traffic spikes, and gives you peace of mind.

And we’re not just seeing it on websites either. People are shopping on Instagram, Facebook, and elsewhere. This omnichannel marketing approach is often overlooked by shop owners. Modern customers want to buy anywhere on any device at any time.

At Plesk, we help small to medium sized business developers, designers, and agencies to meet these requirements. That’s why Plesk launched the eCommerce Toolkit.

The Plesk eCommerce Toolkit offers a CDN for speed, scalable hosting for stability, and a bevvy of security features, like properly vetted payment gateways, SSL certificates, and firewalls and scanners to guard against attacks. 

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