Some 154.6 million domains have been registered as of March 2021, but the .com extension remains by far the most used top-level domain worldwide. Because it is in such high demand, it’s not just companies that secure the TLD. Small and medium-sized enterprises, startups, and the self-employed also opt for a .com domain.

Many people associate the abbreviation with certain values such as professionalism and seriousness. This is one of the reasons why the .com domain is more popular than other popular domain extensions. In the US, addresses with .com are registered significantly more often than those with the country-specific .us TLD.

The .com abbreviation is internationally known and anyone – whether an individual or a legal entity – can register the domain extension, regardless of their place of residence. Domain names with umlauts and similar special characters are also supported. Furthermore, Japanese, Korean, and Hebrew .com domains can be registered in addition to Latin letter domains.

Compared to alternative TLDs, registration costs for a .com domain are usually low.

Posted by Charlie Brown