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While there are many different design styles and approaches when it comes to website, one option is to go with a nature-inspired theme. Viewers are drawn and attracted to nature, so it can be an excellent choice for the right website.

There are several different ways that a web design can incorporate or be inspired by nature. Of course, large photos or videos showcasing nature would be one obvious. Another possibility to use illustrations or other design elements that showcase nature in some way.

In this article, we’ll showcase 20 beautiful websites that have a heavy influence from nature. It could be a mountain scene, a starry night sky, the forest, or even wildlife. Hopefully, these outstanding websites will provide some ideas or inspiration you could use in your own work.

Vienna to Paris

Travel websites often showcase nature in some way or another, and this site is no exception. A large background photo immediately greets you as soon as you arrive on the site.

Vienna to Paris


Here’s an example of a beautiful nature-inspired illustration being used as a website background. The night sky is the perfect setting for the design of the sleeping app website.



This design uses a very similar concept and color scheme. Again, this one is related to sleep and features the night sky.


Yukon 1000

The Yukon 1000 survival race shows some awesome photos set in nature, taken during this popular endurance race.

Yukon 1000Yukon 1000

Big Sky Health

Big Sky Health uses a mountain scene on its homepage.

Big Sky Health

Templeton Prize

A beautiful sunset or sunrise photo is used as a background for this non-profit website.

Templeton Prize

Arctic Wild

The Arctic Wild website is filled with beautiful photos. The homepage features a full-screen background image that links to an introductory video.

Arctic WildArctic Wild


This colorful website uses an illustrated scene with some light texture.


Mad River

This agency website is much different than the typical agency website, but it looks great. The homepage features an illustrated background with mountains, trees, and clouds.

Mad RiverMad River

Visit Humboldt

The website for Visit Humboldt includes a beautiful photo that shows the natural beauty of this area of California. The magnificent trees are the center of focus here.

Visit HumboldtVisit Humboldt


Here is another agency website that uses a nature-inspired design that visitors are sure to remember.


Mammut Local Adventure Challenge

A full-screen background photo is perfect for this adventure website.


Only One

The purpose for this site is to save and protect nature, so of course, it makes sense that nature is a prominent part of the design.

Only One

New Zealand on Foot

New Zealand on Foot uses large background photos to showcase the amazing scenery that can be experienced in New Zealand.

New Zealand on FootNew Zealand on Foot


This is another design agency that uses a nature-inspired design, but this time its a photo instead of an illustration.


Aloha From Above

This full-screen background photo is perfect for making you want to travel.

Aloha From AboveAloha From Above


This site uses a mountain scene as a background on the homepage.

Save the Seasons

The website of Save the Seasons has a full-screen video playing in the background on the homepage. It fades from one scene to the next, showcasing the different seasons and plenty of beautiful nature scenes.


Hanwag uses a monochromatic mountain photo as a background on the homepage.

Gucci LadyBug

This is an unusual website that was made of a game. I’m not sure exactly what the purpose or reasoning for the website is, but it’s a creative design that may provide some ideas for your own work.


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