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Seasons are a major part of life in most of the world and they bring about certain emotive states. Some people may enjoy decorating their laptop or desktop with an image of spring to fully enjoy this vibrant and exciting time of the year.

In this post, we’ve put together 50 free spring wallpapers that showcase the beauty of springtime. If you see something you’d like to use, just click on the image and you’ll be led to the source where you can download a larger size. These photos of flowers and spring scenery are sure to make you long for the outdoors when the nice weather rolls around.

Purple Flower

This purple crocus bloom with a shallow depth of field makes a perfect wallpaper or desktop background.

Purple Flowers

Spring WallpaperSpring Wallpaper

More beautiful crocuses can be found in this image.

Yellow Flower

Spring WallpaperSpring Wallpaper

The closeup shot of yellow crocus features a blurred background and would work well as wallpaper.

Tulip Bouquet

If you appreciate colorful flowers, you’ll love this photo of a multi-colored bouquet of tulips, shot from above.

Pink Tulips

This amazing pink tulips are perfect for use as a desktop background.

Orange Tulips

More tulips. This wallpaper showcases a nice orange tulip close up.

Field of Tulips

Spring Wallpaper

This low-angle shot places a field of colorful tulips on the background of a clear blue sky.

Tulips on Dark Background

This photo of tulips in a vase features a dark background rather than a natural sky.


This closeup of a single daisy on a blurred background is an excellent choice for your spring wallpaper.


This low-angle shot features a bright sun shining over the growing grass.

Golden Hour

Spring WallpaperSpring Wallpaper

Here is another option with a sunny backdrop and a spring scene in the foreground.

Coming Soon

Sometimes the line between winter and spring gets a little blurred. This photo shows the excitement of a coming spring.

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry BlossomsCherry Blossoms

One of the most beautiful and most anticipated signs of spring is the cherry blossoms. What better way to decorate your desktop background?

Falling Cherry Blossoms

Here you’ll find a nice photo that captures a row of cherry trees with falling blossoms covering the ground.

Pink Blossoms

Here is another amazing photo of spring blossoms.

Green Leaves

Another stunning sign of spring is the vibrant green colors of plants and leaves.

Low Angle Flowers

Spring WallpaperSpring Wallpaper

This low shot of colorful flowers also features a bright blue sky as the background.


You’ll love this closeup shot of colorful flowers, captured from a low angle.

Pink Flowers

This shot of blossoming flowers fills the entire screen with colorful natural beauty.

Flowers in a Vase

While almost all of the photos showcased here were taken outdoors, this indoor shot of flowers in a vase also makes an outstanding spring wallpaper.

Sun is Coming

These drooping flowers will soon perk up when the sun has risen.

Flowers On a Blurred Background

This spring wallpaper features beautiful flowers on a blurred bokeh background.

Branch and Blossoms

You’ll love the beauty of this photo of blossoms, plus it has plenty of open space for your icons.

Beautiful Blossoms

This shot of stunning pink blossoms uses a matte film type of effect.

Pink Flower

This closeup shot of a pink gerbera daisy on a solid background makes the perfect desktop wallpaper.


Colorful blooming flowers under a bright blue sky are a sure sign of spring.

Easter Eggs in a Basket

This photo of Easter eggs on green grass is sure to give you thoughts of spring.

White Daffodil

This closeup shot of a white flower is perfect for use as a wallpaper, with plenty of space to the side for your icons.

Saffron Field

This field of purple saffron flowers will bring plenty of beauty to your desktop.

Blue Flowers

This closeup shot of stunning blue flowers is certain to make you think of spring.

Touching the Blossom

Spring WallpaperSpring Wallpaper

This photo shows a hand touching a branch with blossoms.

Setting Sun

This spring wallpaper shows a sunset behind a nice flower.

Orange Field

This field or orange flowers is an ideal spring desktop background.


Spring WallpaperSpring Wallpaper

This photo shows some beautiful spring wildflowers in the foreground with a desert wilderness in the background.


Spring WallpaperSpring Wallpaper

This photo features nice spring blossoms on a blurred background.

Almond Blossom

Although not as popular as cherry blossoms, almonds blossoms are another amazing spring scene.


Butterflies are another common sight in spring, and this colorful photo with a butterfly and flowers is sure to be a favorite.


Here is another butterfly photo to give you some variety and selection.

All Pink

Pink flowers on a pink background. What could be a better image for spring?

Spring Path

A photo of a winding path in the woods with some flowering trees and plants to the side of the trail.


Spring WallpaperSpring Wallpaper

A field of wildflowers with mountains in the distance and a story, cloud-filled sky make this spring wallpaper an excellent choice.

Selective Focus

Spring Wallpaper

This shot includes a nice pink blossom with a blurred background.

Soft Pink Flowers

You’ll love this shot of pink flowers with a soft shallow depth of field.


Spring WallpaperSpring Wallpaper

This shot looking up at blossoms on a blue sky will certainly remind you that spring is here.

Flowering Plants

The open blue sky of this photo gives it an ideal location for your desktop icons.


This field of flowers was captured with a shallow depth of field. The blur often works really well for wallpapers.

Yellow Flowers

Spring WallpaperSpring Wallpaper

This flower shows a beautiful field of yellow spring flowers.

Pink Flowers

These pink flowers serve as the perfect spring desktop background.


Sometimes the best wallpapers are subtle rather than overpowering. This one is perfect for subtly laying behind your desktop icons.

Yellow Bird

Birds are another staple of spring. This yellow bird on a faded, blurred background is an excellent option for your desktop.

With this selection, you’re sure to find plenty of amazing photos to decorate your desktop. The hardest part will be choosing which one you like the best.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are These Wallpapers High Resolution?

Yes, they are. The dimensions vary depending on the photo, but they are all high res.

How Do I Download the Images?

Click on the image or text link to be led to the source of the image. From there, you’ll be able to download the photo and save it to your computer.

How Do I Change My Wallpaper or Desktop Background?

On a PC, right-click somewhere on your current desktop background and the select “personalize”. In the background settings, click “browse” and find the photo you’ve downloaded and set it as your background.

On a Mac, go to the Apple menu and then “system preferences”. Then click “desktop & screen save”. From here, you’ll be able to browse your computer and select the image that you want to use.

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