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The quality of design is very important for websites in the travel and tourism industry. These sites need to inspire and entice travelers, so travel website design is usually highly visual.

Regardless of whether the site is for a hotel, resort, travel agency, or tour company, the website needs to look and function well to appeal to visitors.

On this page, we’ll take a look at travel and tourism website examples to provide design inspiration and observe some current trends in the industry.

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The Best Travel Website Designs

MORE Family Collection

The MORE Family Collection is a group of resorts in South Africa. The website features a clean design with a heavy does of photos and video clips. The site also uses nice typography with big, bold headline fonts.

MORE Family CollectionMORE Family Collection

Grand Forest

This five-star mountain hotel in Greece features a full-screen background video on the homepage that rotates clips every few seconds. Just about every page on the site includes a very large header photo.

Grand ForestGrand Forest

Equinox Explore

The homepage of Equinox Explore uses several full-screen background photos with some scrolling effects. The images carry the load in this design as the rest of the layout is fairly simple.

Equinox ExploreEquinox Explore

Tall, True & Tangled

This website uses lots of large images, color, background patterns, and a handwritten font on the homepage.

Tall, True & TangledTall, True & Tangled

Adams & Butler

You would expect a luxury travel agency to have a beautiful website, and Adams & Butler delivers. The full-screen background video on the home rotates through a number of clips that showcase amazing scenery and culture.

Adams & ButlerAdams & Butler

Aguas de Ibiza

This hotel website uses a lot of images, a nice mobile-friendly navigation menu, and a convenient way to check availability and book your stay.

Aguas de IbizaAguas de Ibiza

Makena Golf and Beach Club

Located in Hawaii, this golf and beach club offers a highly-visual experience that is sure to make you want to book a trip. The amount of text on the site is relatively light, allowing the images to take center stage.

McKenna Golf and Beach ClubMcKenna Golf and Beach Club


Dorsia takes a different approach with its website. Instead of a large photo or video on the homepage, visitors are greeted with a unique illustration. The site is really well-designed with illustrations playing a significant role even on secondary pages.



This luxury Hawaiian hotel uses a full-screen video background, plus lots of big and colorful photos throughout the website.


Maryculter House

Maryculter House uses a large video background on the homepage. The rest of the site is attractive with nice typography. An elegant serif font is used for headlines.

Maryculter HouseMaryculter House


Getaway’s website will have you ready to book a cabin rental for your next trip. The photos showcase cabins surround by stunning nature.


Visit Arizona

As one of the more spectacular states in the U.S., it makes sense that Arizona would showcase that amazing scenery in its tourism website.

Visit ArizonaVisit Arizona

Salt In Our Hair

Travel blog Salt In Our Hair features a beautiful design. The homepage uses a large background image at the top of the page. Naturally, photos play a large role throughout the site.

Salt In Our HairSalt In Our Hair

Explore Charleston

Charleston, SC encourages visitors with the help of an informative, attractive website. You can find the best places to stay, places to eat, shopping, and things to do while you’re there.

Explore CharlestonExplore Charleston

Relais de Chambord

This French hotel has a beautiful website to match the elegance of the building and property itself. Photos and typography are among the primary elements that make this website look great.

Relais de ChambordRelais de Chambord

Spain Collection

Spain Collection offers luxury travel experiences in Spain and Portugal. The site features a lot of photos and videos, as well as some scrolling effects.

Spain CollectionSpain Collection

Backpacking Tours

Backpacking Tours uses a full-screen background video to grab attention and entice visitors to watch the full promo video. As you scroll down the page, you’ll see a colorful design that incorporates photos and some hand-drawn effects.

Backpacking ToursBackpacking Tours

The Scott Resort & Spa

The website of The Scott Resort & Spa uses images, video, beautiful typography, and a lot of animation effects as you scroll. Overall, the site provides an excellent experience that encourages visitors to book a stay.

The Scott Resort & SpaThe Scott Resort & Spa

Discover Ireland

Discover Ireland provides information and ideas for visitors who are researching. There are many photos on the site with a heavy emphasis on the natural beauty of Ireland and outdoor activities.

Discover IrelandDiscover Ireland

Africa Travel Resource

Africa Travel Resource offers safari tours, so naturally, their website includes countless wildlife and nature photos. The layout and design of the site is very clean and clutter-free.



Travelshift entices travelers with large, beautiful photos. On the site, you can find information about the different trips and itineraries.


Ultima Corfu

This Mediterranean wellness retreat uses a large video on the homepage. The rest of the site features plenty of photos that showcase the natural beauty.

Ultima CorfuUltima Corfu


The website for this hotel in Oslo uses a large video on the homepage. The design incorporates nice typography and some animation effects as you scroll.


St. Regis Venice

This hotel in Venice has a quality website with plenty of information and photos. It’s easy to book a stay thanks to a sticky header menu with a “reserve now” link.

St. Regis VeniceSt. Regis Venice

Kenauk Nature

Kenauk Nature offers luxury lodge rentals in Quebec. The homepage uses a large video to capture attention. Throughout the site you can find articles and photos about the various attractions and activities.

Kenauk NatureKenauk Nature

Travel Website Design Trends

After browsing through this showcase, a few trends are obvious.

Full-Screen Background Videos

Many of the sites showcased here use a large video on the homepage that immediately grabs the attention of visitors. Most of the videos rotate and change the clips every few seconds to hold viewers’ attention longer. Some sites use large background photos instead of video, but the use of video is a noticeable trend.

Heavy Use of Photos

What’s the best way to inspire travelers? Photos and video are much more effective than text, so it makes sense that travel and tourism websites use a lot of beautiful photos to showcase the destinations and venues.

Not only do these sites use a lot of photos, but the photos also tend to be big and unmissable.

Clean Layouts

Most of the sites use images and videos as the primary visual elements. In some cases, the designs and layouts are fairly simple (in a good way), which allows the images to have the full attention of visitors.


Many of the sites showcased on this page are related to luxury travel, either hotels, resorts, or travel agencies. One of the best ways to give an elegant and luxurious feel to a website is through typography. While this trend does not apply to every site on the list, several of them feature typography that adds to the feel of luxury.

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