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Superheroes are everywhere these days. They’re on TV, in movies, and all over the internet. If you need a pop of superhero to spice up your design, this list is for you.

It can be difficult to find a font that’s both aesthetically pleasing and functional for this type of design. That’s why we put together this list of the best superhero fonts that will make your job easy. There’s something here for every project. So get creative with your designs and you’ll love the results.

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The Best Superhero Fonts

Designing a logo, brochure, or poster for a superhero-themed event? From retro comic book style to bold and futuristic, there’s something here for everyone.

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Steel is one of the sports fonts that also works well for superhero-themed designs. It’s a bold uppercase font that portrays power and strength. With sharp serifs and angles, Steel is a unique font that stands out. It comes with punctuation and numbers, and a web font is available.



Avenger, inspired by comic books and movies, has a look that’s somewhat similar to Steel. It’s a perfect option if you’re designing a poster, movie cover, or logo. Avenger comes in OTF, TTF, WOFF, and WOFF2 font files.



Horsemen is inspired by retro, horror, and 80s styles (see more 80s fonts here). It’s a brushstroke font with lots of character, and it’s fantastic for comic books or superhero designs. Horsemen can also be used for t-shirts, apparel, video games, product packaging, flyers, album covers, and more. It comes in regular and slanted, with a web font version also included.


Best Friends

Best Friends is a comicbook font that’s perfect for playful designs. It comes in OTF, TTF, EOT, SVG, WOFF & WOFF2 formats. You’ll love how easy it is to get an authentic comic book style with the help of Best Friends.

Best FriendsBest Friends

CA Kometo

CA Kometo is a vintage comic book font that comes in regular and fill variations. You can use the two versions together to get a shadowed 3D look. It’s ideal for t-shirts, posters, covers, product labels, and more. A web font is included in the download.

CA KometoCA Kometo


Blade is a geometric headline font that’s perfect for sports and action-themed designs. It’s all-caps and comes in one weight. It comes in OTF format with a web font version available. You’ll love having this futuristic font for poster designs, movie covers, t-shirts, hats, and other merchandise.


Masked Hero

Masked Hero is a bold italic font with obvious inspiration from superheroes. It’s an all-caps font that comes with four variations of each letter. It also includes numbers, punctuation, multi-lingual support, and a web font.

Masked HeroMasked Hero

Thunder Pants

Thunder Pants is a fun typeface that works well with comics and superhero designs. It features rounded edges and imperfect lines that give it a subtle hand-drawn feel. Uppercase letters include the bolt, while lowercase letters are traditional. It also comes with glyphs for decorating your text, and a web font is available.

Thunder PantsThunder Pants


Asterix is a thick handwritten font with slightly textured edges. Uppercase and lowercase letters are included (the lowercase characters are alternates of the uppercase), plus numbers and punctuation, ligatures, multi-lingual support, and a web font. Use Asterix for comics, posters, skateboards, t-shirts, apparel, branding, product packaging, and more.



Starforge is a futuristic font that’s fantastic for superhero designs like movie covers and posters. It’s an all-caps font that comes in regular and outlined versions. The package includes numbers, punctuation, stylistic alternates for some letters, and multi-lingual support. A web font is availabe.



Nezuko is a unique font that features straight lines and angles with no curves. It’s much different than the other typefaces shown here and could be the perfect choice when you’re looking for something original. Alternate styles for each letter are included to give you some variety. A web font version is included in the download.



Vintagity is a fun and cheerful font that’s outstanding for comic books, superhero-themed designs, posters, t-shirts, branding, advertisements, book covers, and more. The textured look also makes it unique. It includes uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, and multi-lingual characters.



Bangbang is a comic font that includes OpenType features, alternates, and multi-lingual support. If you’re looking to create fun text effects in a comic or children’s design, Bangbang is an excellent option.



Boom is another awesome comic font that’s sure to complement your superhero designs. It features thick letters in all caps. Numbers are included as well.


Brush in Space

Brush in Space is a hand-drawn brush font, but it has a comical feel. The strokes and rough edges provide texture and character. It’s perfect for posters, flyers, t-shirts, product packaging, branding, and more. It comes with uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, glyphs, multilingual support, and a web font.

Brush in SpaceBrush in Space


Belmont isn’t like the other fonts and typefaces included on this list. Instead of a comic font, it’s medieval. It could be the perfect option for more intense superhero projects. Belmont is all-caps and comes with alternate letters, plus numbers, punctuation, and a web font.


Originals 2

Originals 2 is a hand-drawn brushstroke font. It features plenty of texture and is sure to create lasting memories of your designs. It’s fantastic for signs, t-shirts, product packaging, posters, and more. There are three variations included: regular, slanted, and blurred. Glyphs are also included.



BigTime is an all-caps font that’s outstanding for titles, posters, movie covers, apparel, and more. There’s only one weight, but stylistic alternates are included. A web font version is also available.



Turbo is a sport font that’s also appropriate for action and superhero designs. The wide letters and a dynamic slant make it standout. Turbo is an excellent choice for posters, movie covers, game covers, merchandise, apparel, branding, and more. A web font version is also available.


Comic Sidekick

Comic sidekick is a hand-drawn font for lighthearted designs. It’s an ideal choice for comics and kid-friendly superhero designs. Use it for designing children’s books, posters, games, t-shirts, merchandise, and more. This is a large family that includes several different fonts including outline and inline versions, plus shapes. A web font is also included in the download.

Comic SidekickComic Sidekick

Sweet Sucker Punch

Sweet Sucker Punch is a fun marker pen font. It’s all-caps and comes with an impressive package. You’ll get alternate characters for every letter, numbers, punctuation, swashes for decorating your designs, ligatures, and multi-language support. A web font version is also included.

Sweet Sucker PunchSweet Sucker Punch

Free Superhero Fonts

Now that we’ve looked at the best premium superhero fonts available, we’ll also feature some free options. Keep in mind that some freebies are licensed for personal use only. Always be sure to check the license details for any free resource before using it.

Komika Axis

Komika Axis is an all-caps brush font. It doesn’t include the texture that some brush fonts use, but thankfully it’s free for personal or commercial projects.

Komika AxisKomika Axis


Commando is an all-caps font that works well for video games, movies, and comic books. It is also free for personal and commercial use.



Shaka-Pow is a fun all-caps font that comes in four different variations, as shown below. This one is free only for personal use.



Badaboom is an all-caps comic font that is free for personal use.


Star Guard

Star Guard is a large family that includes 21 all-caps fonts. It’s free only for personal use. Commercial use requires a donation.

Star GuardStar Guard

Final Thoughts

When you want to create an authentic comic book or superhero design, you’ll need more than speech bubbles and lightning bolts. Having access to the right typefaces is essential, and we’ve showcased the best options on this page.

If you love fonts, be sure to check out Envato Elements. You can get access to more than 16,000 (and growing) different fonts plus millions of other graphic resources for a low monthly price.

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