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There are many different font types you can choose from, and if you’re a designer looking for something creative and unique, you may want to consider an outline font. Some font families include an outline version, and other typefaces have been created exclusively as outline fonts. These can be used on their own or in combination with solid fonts for a creative look.

Here, we’ll showcase a collection of high-quality outline fonts you can start using in your own work today.

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The Best Outline Fonts

These are our favorite outline fonts, and we think you’ll love them too. Many are OpenType fonts that provide perks and extra functionality.

Many of the fonts showcased here are available at Envato Elements. If you love fonts, and I know you do, Envato Elements is the best resource out there. A subscription gives you access to unlimited downloads of more than 16,000 high-quality fonts, plus millions of other design resources like photos, videos, templates, and more. Learn more about Envato Elements here.

Gibsons Outline

Gibsons is a stylish font family that includes a total of 20 different fonts. This download is for five outline fonts that are a part of the family. There are a few different weights and variations, so you’ll have some variety. The package also includes glyphs and a web font. Gibsons outline is perfect for designing posters, album covers, t-shirts and other apparel, product packaging and labels, and other artwork.

Gibsons OutlineGibsons Outline

Pittsbrook Outline

Pittsbrook Outline is a blocky font that comes in two varieties: regular and slanted. The package includes uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, alternate characters, stylistic sets, ligatures, and support for multilingual characters (OpenType format). It is ideal for vintage and retro designs, product packaging and labels, headlines, merchandise, and more.

Pittsbrook Outline FontPittsbrook Outline Font

Urbano Swags

Urbano Swags is a unique font with character. You’ll love the stylistic alternates that allow you to create the look of custom fonts. This is an all-caps font that includes numbers, punctuation, ligatures, and multi-language support. Urbano is perfect for branding, logos, brochures, magazines, posters, apparel, artwork, and more.

Urbano SwagsUrbano Swags


While many outline fonts are based on traditional sans serifs, Ballegra is unique as a script outline font. When you want a hand-drawn look with an outline font, Ballegra is a natural choice. The package also includes a solid version that can be used along with the outline font. Ballegra is a great choice for logos, branding, invitations, menus, print-ready designs, and even tattoos. A web font version is also available.


Visage Outline

Visage is an awesome sans serif font family that’s a favorite of graphic designers, and this is the outline version. You can get all of the additional font files with an Envato Elements subscription. The outline version is best with large-sized text and can be used for designing posters, book covers, magazine covers, apparel, and more. A web font version is included. Be sure to add it to your library of fonts.

Visage OutlineVisage Outline


Sandman is an all-caps hand-drawn outline font that also comes in a filled version. It’s a handmade sans serif that has a different look and feel than most of the others that are showcased here. Use Sandman whenever you design something with a hand-crafted look.



Kindling is another all-caps font with plenty of character that comes in both fill and outline versions. It’s a slightly condensed sans serif that’s sure to give your work a stylish look and a custom feel. It comes in OpenType format and includes numbers and glyphs.



Indigo is an eye-catching font, a very heavy sans serif family that includes regular and outline versions. You can use the two together (as shown in the image below), or separately. Indigo is perfect for posters, magazine covers, t-shirts, merchandise, book covers, social media posts, and more. A web font version is available.


Portico Outline

Portico is a bold sans serif typeface, and this is the outline version. You can use it along with the regular version for beautiful output, or use it on its own. Portico Outline is a solid choice for headlines, posters, album covers, advertisements, t-shirts, and more. A web font version is included.

Portico Outline FontPortico Outline Font


Coven is an all-caps display typeface that comes in filled and outline versions. The heavy weight and sharp angles give Coven a distinct look. Numbers, punctuation, and multi-lingual characters are included. A web font version is available.


Neon Outline Font

Neon Outline Font includes five separate fonts. They can be used separately or in combination. Obviously, these fonts were created with neon designs in mind, but that’s not the only possibility. This all-caps bold sans serif is fantastic for headlines, advertisements, social media images, and more. Numbers and alternate characters are included. A web font version is available.


Retro Neon Outline Font

This is another similar font, but with a twist. This one is great for use in videos, album covers, titles, gig posters, and more. Neon graphic style presets are included for Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects. A web font is included.

Retro Neon Outline FontRetro Neon Outline Font


The Futrons family includes four futuristic fonts, and each letter has a unique look. There’s a regular and italic version, plus outline fonts for each. You’ll love using Futrons in poster design, book and album covers, and anything sci-fi-related. The download includes numerals, punctuation, accents, and a web font. It’s PUA encoded for maximum versatility, but an OpenType version is provided.



Exodar is another futuristic sans-serif font. It comes in both a regular and outline version. The package includes uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, and multi-lingual support. Use Exodar for poster designs, book covers, film tiles, merchandise, and more.



Zelda is an all-caps minimal font that’s ideal for sci-fi designs. Use Zelda for posters, titles, merchandise, apparel, book covers, and more.


Tommy Soft

Tommy Soft is a versatile font family that includes 14 fonts. There are seven different weights with regular and outline versions for each weight. With all of these options and possible combinations, there are a lot of possibilities. There are uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, and multi-lingual support. A web font is available.

Tommy SoftTommy Soft

Robinson Outline

Robinson Outline was inspired by vintage newspaper titles. Regular outline and oblique outline versions are included. Use it for headlines, advertisements, social media graphics, posters, and more. A web font is included in the download.

Robinson OutlineRobinson Outline

Melburch Typeface

Melburch Typeface is a vintage sans serif, and this is the outline version. This download includes the regular outline version and a slanted outline. It’s a great option for retro signs, labels, product packaging, badges, logos, branding, print-ready designs, and more.

Melburch TypefaceMelburch Typeface


Vultura is a beautiful display font that comes in regular and outline versions. This elegant font is perfect for headlines, magazine covers, print designs, branding, and other graphic design work. The package includes uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, symbols, punctuation, and ligatures.


Electric Dreams

Electric Dreams is an awesome package that includes a total of four fonts. There’s a heavy sans serif in regular and outline versions. You can use these two together (they are shown offset in the image below) or separately. There are also two script fonts included, making an excellent pairing. OpenType features include more than 20 ligatures, plus alternate versions of the letters.

Electric DreamsElectric Dreams

Havana Sunset

Havana Sunset includes six fonts. There’s an all-caps condensed sans serif in fill and outline versions, plus a total of four script fonts. Use these fonts together for a beautiful duo, or use them on their own. The package includes swashes for decorating your text, as well as multi-language support. With so many options, the possibilities are endless.

Havana SunsetHavana Sunset


Osaka includes an all-caps sans serif, an outline version, and an offset outline version. The offset variation is perfect for creative combinations like the image below. Use it for headlines, logos, quotes, blog images, social media images, apparel, merchandise, and product labels. A web font is available.


Nostromo Outline

Nostromo is a futuristic font that comes in several weights and variations, including an outline font. Numbers, punctuation, stylistic alternates, and multilingual characters are included. Use it for posters, book covers, movie titles, and more.

Nostromo OutlineNostromo Outline

Morline Typeface

Morline is an outline typeface that includes regular and slanted versions. It has a retro feel and is perfect for your own retro and vintage artsy designs. You can use it for posters, branding, apparel, artwork, and more.

Moreline TypefaceMoreline Typeface


Laurel is a hand-crafted serif font that comes in regular and outline variations. It comes with uppercase and lowercase letters, numerals, and punctuation. A web font is also available.


Burford Outline

Burford is a large serif font family that can be used together and layered. This download is for the outline font. With lots of possibilities and combinations as one of the best fonts for print, Burford can be used for any number of projects. A web font is also included.

Burford OutlineBurford Outline

Waymar Outline

Waymar Outline is a modern display serif with lots of character. It has an elegant feel and is perfect for magazines, advertisements, posters, product packaging, print designs, artwork, and labels. Multi-lingual support is included, and a web font is available.

Waymar OutlineWaymar Outline

Kitty Fat Outline

Kitty Fat Outline is a bold font hand-crafted with a large brush pen. It won’t be the right fit for every project, but when you’re looking for a fun and playful font, it could be ideal. It includes numbers, punctuation, and multilingual characters.

Kitty Fat Outline FontKitty Fat Outline Font

Damnurse Chronical

Damnurse Chronical is a thick bold font that comes in regular and outlined variations. The download includes uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numerals, multi-language support, and a web font. Damnurse Chronical is an excellent choice for headlines, magazine covers, posters, apparel, merchandise, and more.

Damnurse ChronicalDamnurse Chronical

Wild Django

Wild Django is a fun and playful font. It’s an outline serif that includes uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, multilingual characters, and a web font. When you’re looking for a lighthearted typeface, like for a children’s design, be sure to consider Wild Django.

Wild DjangoWild Django

Free Outline Fonts

Above, we’ve listed many outstanding premium outline fonts. Now, let’s shift our focus to free outline fonts. Sometimes you may need a quality font but have no budget to work with, so these free alternatives could be just what you need. Of course, whenever you’re downloading freebies, be sure to carefully check the license details as they frequently do not allow for use in commercial projects.


Elephant is a nice sans serif outline font that includes numbers, punctuation, symbols, and multi-lingual support.



Argon is a beautiful display font that features outlines and inner lines. A limited version is available for free download.


Library 3 AM

Library 3 AM is a sans serif outline font with a distinct look. It’s all-caps and ready to use.

Library 3 AM


Fenwick is an all-caps display outline font that features some unique curves on certain characters. As is the case with others from FontSquirrel, the licensing is favorable for commercial use.



Neoretrodraw is a hand-sketched style outline font with a 3D look. You can download this all-caps hand-drawn font pack from FontSquirrel.


Final Thoughts

As you’ve seen here, there are a lot of outline typefaces. If you want an outstanding selection of downloadable fonts be sure to check out Envato Elements. You’ll get unlimited access to thousands of quality fonts, plus millions of other creative resources for a low monthly price. Use them to create beautiful designs quickly and easily.

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