In This Episode: Content, UX, and Trustworthiness

So far this season we’ve explored a variety of topics around eCommerce, from owning your platform and speeding up your website, to security and using the Plesk eCommerce Toolkit. 

But how can we make sure visitors arrive at our stores, and how do we provide a good buying experience once they do? Well you’re in luck! SEO consultant Maddy Osman gives us a whole bunch of fantastic insights and tips to answer both of the above questions, and we’re excited to share them with you.

 Maddy starts by outlining that there are three pillars to SEO: Content, off-page SEO, and website technical structure. Each contributes to how well your store ranks in search engines. And luckily we’ve covered a lot of the technical structure in previous episodes!

As far as user experience (UX) is concerned, it all starts with content. From an SEO point of view, content is also king. In fact, there is a significant overlap between content as a UX feature, and content for SEO. Your visitors want clear descriptions, good product photos, and obvious terms for returns, exchanges, refunds, and shipping. Meanwhile, content-rich activities like blogging, even as little as once a month can increase traffic through SEO and help turn potential customers into paying customers. Making content engaging, relevant and abundant on your website helps bring users to the next stage of the process: buying!

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