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E-commerce websites and t-shirt designers need to be able to showcase apparel designs in an attractive way in order to generate interest and make sales online, but custom photo sessions aren’t always possible. A much easier, cheaper, and faster way to get great images is to make use of free t-shirt mockups that are available.

With the help of Photoshop and a good mockup template, you can create amazing images that will show your t-shirts being worn by models, on hangers, folded, or isolated on a plain background. Whatever type of image you want to use to showcase your t-shirt, it can be accomplished with a mockup.

Thankfully, there are many high-quality t-shirt mockups that are available for free download. Most of them come in PSD format. You’ll open the file, copy and paste in the design, and it will be placed onto the t-shirt. Other types of mockups can be done online by uploading a photo, rather than using Photoshop. High-quality mockups look very realistic, so viewers will assume that the image is actually a photograph of your t-shirt.

Free T-Shirt Mockups

Here you’ll find a collection of more than 50 free mockups that you can use to promote your own t-shirt designs. Some of them can be used online, and some of them will require Photoshop.

Crewneck T-Shirt Hanging by a Cement Wall

T-Shirt Mockup Hanging by a WallT-Shirt Mockup Hanging by a Wall

Selfie Mockup of a Woman Wearing a T-Shirt

Selfie T-Shirt MockupSelfie T-Shirt Mockup

Studio Mockup of a Woman in a T-Shirt

Studio MockupStudio Mockup

Man Leaning Against a Wall

Mockup of Man Leaning Against a WallMockup of Man Leaning Against a Wall

Flat Lay Tee

Flat Lay TeeFlat Lay Tee

Mockup of Two Soccer Players Wearing Jerseys

Two Soccer PlayersTwo Soccer Players

Kid’s T-Shirt on Hanger

Kids T-Shirt on HangerKids T-Shirt on Hanger

Folded Shirt With Tools

Folded Shirt With ToolsFolded Shirt With Tools

Woman Wearing a Crop Top T-Shirt

Crop Top T-Shirt MockupCrop Top T-Shirt Mockup

Man With Illustrated Swirl

Man with SwirlMan with Swirl

Hanging T-Shirt Mockup

Hanging T-Shirt MockupHanging T-Shirt Mockup

Back View of Men’s T-Shirt

Back View MockupBack View Mockup

Two Women in a Studio

Two Women in a StudioTwo Women in a Studio

Mockup of Hands Holding a T-Shirt

Hands Holding T-ShirtHands Holding T-Shirt

Tattooed Man in a T-Shirt

Tattooed Man in a T-ShirtTattooed Man in a T-Shirt

Flat Lay T-Shirt Mockup

Flat Lay T-Shirt MockupFlat Lay T-Shirt Mockup

Teen Girl in a T-Shirt

Teen Girl in a T-ShirtTeen Girl in a T-Shirt

Teen Boy With a Soccer Ball

Teen Boy With a Soccer BallTeen Boy With a Soccer Ball

Folded T-Shirt With Accessories

Folded T-Shirt MockupFolded T-Shirt Mockup

Mockup of a Kid’s T-Shirt on a Hanger

Kid's T-Shirt on a HangerKid's T-Shirt on a Hanger

Woman in a Studio

Woman in a StudioWoman in a Studio

Girl Holding a Soccer Ball

Girl Holding a Soccer BallGirl Holding a Soccer Ball

Isolated T-Shirt Mockup

Isolated T-Shirt MockupIsolated T-Shirt Mockup

Free T-Shirt Mockup

Free T-Shirt MockupFree T-Shirt Mockup

Men’s Long Fit T-Shirt Mockup

Men's Long Fit T-Shirt MockupMen's Long Fit T-Shirt Mockup

Men’s V-Neck T-Shirt Mockup

Men's V-NeckMen's V-Neck

Women’s Long Sleeve Tee Mockup

Women's Long Sleeve T-Shirt MockupWomen's Long Sleeve T-Shirt Mockup

Fold T-Shirt Mockup Template

Folded T-ShirtFolded T-Shirt

V-Neck T-Shirt With Tag

V-Neck T-Shirt With TagV-Neck T-Shirt With Tag

Sport T-Shirt Mockup

Sport T-Shirt MockupSport T-Shirt Mockup

Woman’s T-Shirt on Hanger

Woman's T-Shirt on HangerWoman's T-Shirt on Hanger

Classic T-Shirt Mockup

Classic T-Shirt MockupClassic T-Shirt Mockup

T-Shirt on Wood Background

T-Shirt on Wood BackgroundT-Shirt on Wood Background

Kid’s T-Shirt Mockup

Kid's T-Shirt MockupKid's T-Shirt Mockup

Girl’s T-Shirt Mockup

Girls T-Shirt MockupGirls T-Shirt Mockup

Woman’s Crop Top Mockup

Woman's Crop Top MockupWoman's Crop Top Mockup

Girl’s T-Shirt Mockup

Girl's T-Shirt MockupGirl's T-Shirt Mockup

Woman’s T-Shirt Mockup

Woman's T-Shirt MockupWoman's T-Shirt Mockup

Men’s T-Shirt Mockup

Men's T-Shirt MockupMen's T-Shirt Mockup

Little Girl T-Shirt Mockup

Little Girl TeeLittle Girl Tee

T-Shirt Mockup

Tee MockupTee Mockup

Women’s T-Shirt on Hanger

Women's T on HangerWomen's T on Hanger

Women’s Scoop-Neck T-Shirt Mockup

Women's Scoop Neck T-ShirtWomen's Scoop Neck T-Shirt

Long Sleeve T-Shirt Mockup

Long Sleeve T-Shirt MockupLong Sleeve T-Shirt Mockup

Men’s T-Shirt Mockup

Men's T-Shirt MockupMen's T-Shirt Mockup

T-Shirt Mockup

T-Shirt MockupT-Shirt Mockup

T-Shirt Mockup Template

T-Shirt Mockup TemplateT-Shirt Mockup Template

T-Shirt Mockup With Changeable Background

Changeable BackgroundChangeable Background

Women’s T-Shirt Mockup


Young Woman T-Shirt Mockup

Woman's T-Shirt MockupWoman's T-Shirt Mockup

Cool Design Girl’s T-Shirt Mockup

Cool DesignCool Design

We hope we enjoy these free t-shirt mockups and that you find exactly what you’re looking for. Best of luck with your own t-shirt designs and promotions.

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