Proper handling of alt-php in outdated PHP version Warnings

Are you a WordPress user struggling with outdated PHP versions? You’re not alone. With PHP 7.4 already EOLed and no security updates available, and PHP 8.0 not supported by the ionCube loader used by some commercial plugins and themes, many people are finding it difficult to stay up to date. On top of that, many plugins are simply not compatible with PHP 8.1 yet, making it even more challenging to choose the right version.

Fortunately, there is a solution that can help WordPress users who are stuck with outdated PHP versions. The CloudLinux team is backporting security patches to older PHP versions, so their PHP handlers (alt-php) are actually secure, even if they aren’t officially supported by the PHP group. This means that users can continue to use PHP 7.4 and still receive the security updates they need.

However, there’s a catch. WP Toolkit, our popular solution for managing WordPress installations, considers PHP 7.4 to be EOLed and insecure regardless of the handler. This means that if WP Toolkit detects an EOLed PHP version, it will warn users to update their PHP version. So, what can you do if you’re a WordPress user who wants to stay on PHP 7.4 and still receive security updates? The key is to use a secure PHP handler, like CloudLinux’s alt-php. By using this handler, you can ensure that your WordPress site remains secure while still using the PHP version you prefer.

Here’s how these warnings look like:

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