To run wordpress, i chose nginx web server for the best performance..

Good job! 😉

Nginx needs to introduce a solution like htaccess. Then it can easily be the market leader.

LiteSpeed Web Server is event-driven, beats nginx in real-world performance and supports .htaccess

Why do you think?


In shared environments, for example, you’d most likely run some kind of Web Application Firewall (such as mod_security) – nginx and Apache will execute rules for every single request, regardless of it being a dynamic or static request – LiteSpeed does this more intelligent, so static resources won’t have to go through the ModSecurity engine, this alone speeds things up (and saves CPU).

Dynamic content also tends to be faster than both Apache and nginx because of the way that the web server communicates with PHP API.

Not to mention that e.g. for a shared environment, LiteSpeed brings the added benefit of it’s caching.

You can get caching options in Apache and nginx as well, e.g. using varnish, or fastcgi cache in nginx, but this either adds complexity to the setup, or in the case of nginx, because the fastcgi cache stores things uncompressed but majority of real-world traffic actually asks for compressed content, then you’ll end up with scenario where a high traffic site will just end up eating CPU because nginx stores it’s cache inefficiently.

All web-servers has their purpose, some are commercial, some are free – but at least in this case, Plesk often also target the shared hosting industry, and there is a lot of sites (and servers) that could benefit from LiteSpeed, both because of performance but also better compatibility than nginx for example.

Thanks for your great insights Lucas, always welcome here. It is interesting and would be a good topic to look into. Will bring it forward to our engineers.

You guys should make a comparison with LiteSpeed and Apache, or LiteSpeed and Nginx – since LiteSpeed supports Apache directives, .htaccess, is event-driven, and is super fast – it’s a good alternative.

Good recommendation – We’ll look into that 🙂

Agree with the above comment! Litespeed would be a good addition to this blog post and it’s an excellent alternative to Apache and Nginx.

Apache is slow at times, And Nginx doesn’t support .htaccess. Litespeed Does!

Love Litespeed and Apache for the .htaccess thing. Also I think configuring Apache is a lot easier but that’s just my opinion.
Also have never had even near “10,000 client connections all at the same time” so I guess Apache is the best option for me.

Thanks for your input Hamid! Good to have different points of view – I guess this depends on your circumstances as you said.

2 months I am trying the 2 platforms and my hearth still not choose. But maybe I believe I will finish using both of them, Apache + nginx proxy. Anyway, very useful article, thank you.

Static Content/Dynamic Content could be explained more. But Its a good read.
For a VPS choose I’ll choose Nginx.

I am using WordPress over Nginx and it’s better than over Apache.

my site was with Ubuntu 18.04, and recently updated to Ubuntu 20.04, the default server coming with 20.04 is NGINX, but got me one message saying service Apache2 was failed…, I am new to this world, can anyone please help what should I do? I prefer leave with default, but how to do with the failed apache2 message? or I have to restart Apeche2 and stop NGINX? The site from the surface working fine to me (i mean i can open all pages, and can post new topics), thank you so much!

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