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Do you miss the 90s? If so, you’ll love this list of some of the best 90s fonts for retro design styles. Whether you’re looking to create a website or an awesome logo, these are perfect! Hobbyists and professional designers alike will appreciate the possibilities.

From grunge-style fonts to handwritten and even pixelated typefaces – there’s something here for everyone and for every project. You can’t go wrong with these classic 90s font styles!

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The Best 90s Fonts

Retro design styles are back in full force. Graphic designers everywhere are looking for fonts that will help them create the perfect retro-inspired designs, and what better way to do so than with some of the coolest 90s fonts? From grunge to hipster, there’s a font for everyone. Here are 30+ of the best 90s fonts and typefaces available today.

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The Ultimate 90s Font Pack

We’ll start with this bundle that includes five unique font families (Truant, Totally Tubular, Childish Reverie, Highflier, and Oh Snap!) and a total of 14 different fonts. If you love 1990s fonts, this is a great package that you won’t want to miss. These fun and playful fonts are perfect for designing posters, flyers, album covers, t-shirts, merchandise, product packaging, advertisements, and more.

The Ultimate 90s Font PackThe Ultimate 90s Font Pack

The Moonlight

The Moonlight is an awesome handwritten typeface with beautiful 90s style and charm. There are two fonts (regular and swash) and the package includes Open Type features like stylistic alternates and ligatures. You’ll love using The Moonlight for 90s lettering in album covers, book covers, social media images, quotes, product labels, product packaging, apparel, and more.

90s Fonts - The Moonlight90s Fonts - The Moonlight

Wasted Youth

The 90s is a decade known for grunge, and Wasted Youth is an excellent choice for your grungy retro designs. There are three different hand-drawn fonts included with varying degrees of texture and distress. The brush and marker strokes give it an authentic look that’s perfect for 90s typography. Ligatures, underlines, and alternates make it easy to fun to decorate your text.

Wasted Youth - 90s FontWasted Youth - 90s Font


Gumzilla includes three styles of rounded fonts, plus some graphics that can be used to complete your retro designs. This all-caps typeface comes in regular, shiny, and slimy (with drips) to give you some options. Gumzilla was inspired by package design, but it can be used for many different projects.


Nevermine 90s Typeface

With a waving and distorted look, Nevermine is sure to give your designs a unique style. The package includes punctuation, numbers, symbols, multilingual support, and a web font. Use this popular font for designing album covers, event posters, merchandise, etc.

Nevermine 90s TypeNevermine 90s Type

Lagoon Beach 2-in-1 Font Pack

Lagoon Beach is a font pair that was inspired by the era of VHS and CDs. The sans serif font and handwritten typeface work nicely together, allowing you to make one less design decision. Between the two fonts, there are five different styles in total. You’ll have several options to mix and match as you desire. There are also some swashes included for a design element with a decorative touch.

Lagoon Beach 2-in-1 Font PackLagoon Beach 2-in-1 Font Pack


Kafkey is a retro slab serif font with a distinct 90s feel. It comes in regular and oblique versions. You’ll get uppercase and lowercase letters, plenty of glyphs, and a web font version. Kafkey is perfect for posters, t-shirts, apparel, product packaging, social media images, etc.



Nemphis is a display font with 90s lettering that’s perfect for use with your vintage designs. It’s one-of-a-kind and will help to make your designs more memorable with the look of a custom font. This all-caps typeface comes in multiple widths and includes numerals, punctuation, multilingual letters, and a web font.

Nemphis - 90s FontNemphis - 90s Font

Block Marys

This blocky display font comes in four styles (regular, oblique, outline, and oblique outline). The typeface comes with additional characters and alternate styles, and it’s PUA encoded so those alternates can be accessed in any software (with or without OpenType support). A web font version is also included.

Block MarysBlock Marys


If you’re looking for one of the best 90s fonts for a grunge design, Skatepark is an outstanding choice. Of course, this typeface creates awesome 90s typography that’s ideal for posters, flyers, t-shirts, merchandise, album covers, and more. It comes with filled and outlined versions, plus glyphs and alternates, and a web font.



Sendha is a 3D techno display font that’s perfect for designing posters, album cover, movie covers, product packaging, etc. It’s also an excellent esports font. You’ll get uppercase and lowercase letters, numerals, punctuation, symbols, ligatures, alternates, multilingual support, and a web font.



Balgin is a massive font family that includes more than 80 fonts for 90s lettering. There are several different weights, italic fonts, condensed fonts, and more. This is a fantastic package that provides a lot of versatility. A web font version is also available.


Rodagear Script

Rodagear Script was inspired by neon lights and is an excellent addition to your arsenal of 90s typeface styles. This script font includes uppercase and lowercase letters.

Rodagear ScriptRodagear Script

Nineties Display Font

With a name like Nineties Display Font, it’s pretty clear where the inspiration for this typeface came from. It’s an all-caps font that includes numbers, punctuation, and a set of alternates to add a stylish look to your design. A web font version is available.

Nineties Display FontNineties Display Font


Nebula is a fun typeface that you’ll love using for posters, t-shirts, apparel, merchandise, social media images, branding, and product packaging. The unique liquid style makes Nebula one-of-a-kind. This all-caps font is sure to become one of your favorite 90s fonts.



Vaporfuturism is an awesome font that also comes with a nice collection of backgrounds that make it easy to get the retro look you’re after. Use the backgrounds and font together for posters, album covers, movie covers, and more. The blocky typeface looks best when it’s used with large text.


Retrowave Space Font

Retrowave is a similar font from the same designer as Vaporfuturism. This package also includes backgrounds that help to complete your design. The uppercase font comes with numbers and is an excellent choice for posters, wallpapers, and other big designs.

Retrowave Space FontRetrowave Space Font


Novanta is a rounded vintage font that also comes with a pack of vectors and patterns to use along with the font. It features lowercase letters, uppercase letters, numerals, punctuation, and symbols. A web font version is available.


Boldie Slab

Boldie Slab is a fun typeface that you’ll enjoy having in your arsenal. It comes in four different widths, providing added versatility. The package includes uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, symbols, ligatures, multilingual glyphs, and alternates.

Boldie Slab 90s FontsBoldie Slab 90s Fonts


Bewear is a creepy horror font that stands out from the others showcased here. It’s ideal for movie poster designs, book covers, album art, t-shirts, merchandise, and more. It comes with uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, and multilingual support. The download includes OTF and TTF formats, as well as a web font. Bewear is PUA encoded so the features can be used with any software.



Bayside is an all-caps condensed font that has an unmistakable 90s feel. It comes with three different variations: regular, condensed, and ultra condensed. As an all-caps font, it won’t be the right choice for every project, but it’s an outstanding typeface to have in your collection. Use it for headlines, posters, product labels, product packaging, advertising, apparel, etc. A web font version is also available.


Citypop Japanese Retro 90s Fonts

Citypop is a collection of five retro fonts (including neon), and they’re all very different from each other. This package is perfect for those times when you want a 90s-inspired type design and you need some variety. You’ll find endless uses for these awesome fonts, and the value of this package is outstanding.

Citypop - Japanese Retro 90s FontsCitypop - Japanese Retro 90s Fonts

Ballore Grayson

Ballore Grayson is a playful handwritten display font that will add some character to your designs. Use it for social media images, product packaging, fun posters, t-shirts, and more. You’ll need a program that supports OpenType features (like Photoshop or Illustrator) to use the glyphs and extras that come with the typeface. A web font version is also included in the download.

Ballore Grayson - 90s FontBallore Grayson - 90s Font

Starlit Drive

Starlit Drive is a retro signature font that also comes with a set of swashes that are perfect for decoration your text with underlines. The package includes uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, end characters, and ligatures. With all of these extras, you can easily create text that looks like it was custom-designed.

Starlit DriveStarlit Drive


Astrovans is a retro serif. It includes uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, alternate styles, ligatures, and a web font version. Use for posters, branding, advertising, merchandise, apparel, etc.



Lamontrush is a unique hand-drawn typeface that has a memorable look. It comes with numerals, punctuation, ligatures, and a web font. Lamontrush is an ideal choice for badges, labels, branding, social media images, t-shirts, and more.



Strippy is a clean, square font that was inspired by 90s era poster and graphic design trends. This bold font is just right for headlines, posters, album covers, book covers, advertising, product packaging, and more. It comes with uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and a web font.


Free 90s Fonts for Retro Style Design

Now that we’ve looked at the best premium 90s fonts, let’s shift our focus to free 90s fonts. If you’re looking for a retro typeface and you have no budget to work with, these freebies could be an option. However, be aware that many free downloads are only licensed for personal use, which means you won’t be able to use them for client projects. Always be sure to check the license details for yourself before using any free resource.


There are two weights of Geomancy that are free for personal use: hairline and extra bold.


Deftone Stylus

Deftone Stylus includes uppercase and lowercase letters, and it can be used for commercial projects at no cost.

Deftone StylusDeftone Stylus


Bodacious is a fun free font that’s outstanding for 90s-era designs. Use it for posters, social media images, labels, and more. It is free only for personal use.



Thundergood is a retro hand-drawn font that’s free for personal use.


Johnny Fever

Johnny Fever is a vintage font that’s free for personal and commercial use. It’s great for posters, t-shirts, branding, advertising, etc.

Johnny FeverJohnny Fever

Final Thoughts on the Best 90s Fonts

Retro design styles are trending right now, with everything from food to fashion taking on a throwback look. As a graphic designer, one of the easiest ways to give your vintage design an authentic look is by using the best 90s fonts showcased here. Whether you’re looking for grunge text or other 90s font styles, this list contains plenty of options that will work well in any web or graphic design project.

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