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It’s officially winter, which means it’s time to start decorating! If you’re looking for some free desktop wallpaper and background downloads, we’ve got you covered. We’ve gathered a few of our favorite winter wallpapers and desktop backgrounds, so feel free to check them out and download your favorites.

From snowy landscapes to close-ups of ice crystals, there’s something for everyone in our gallery. So why not take a few minutes to download a new background and get into the holiday spirit? Happy decorating!

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This post showcases 50 winter wallpaper and desktop backgrounds for any desktop resolution. If you see something you like, just click the image and you’ll be led to the source where you can download the wallpaper completely free.

Free Winter Wallpapers and Backgrounds

Snowflake Macro

Snowflake Macro Free Winter WallpaperSnowflake Macro Free Winter Wallpaper

A beautiful close-up shot of a snowflake with a blurred background. There’s plenty of space for your desktop icons.

Lone Tree

Lone Tree Free Winter Desktop BackgroundLone Tree Free Winter Desktop Background

One of our favortie wallpapers, this beautiful landscape photo with a minimalist style, featuring a single bare tree and snow-covered ground.

White Fox in the Snow

White Fox in the SnowWhite Fox in the Snow

White fox sitting in a snowy field looking towards the camera.

Close-Up of Ice

Close-Up of IceClose-Up of Ice

Abstract shot of cracked ice on a fountain.

Silver Forest

Silver ForestSilver Forest

Tree trunks rising out of the snow-covered ground within a beautiful forest.

Aerial View

Aerial ViewAerial View

Drone shot looking straight down at a group of evergreen trees and snow-covered ground.

Sea of Clouds

Sea of CloudsSea of Clouds

Mountaintop view looking down on thick clouds and a rising sun.

Snow-Covered Trees

Snow-Covered TreesSnow-Covered Trees

Snowy forest scene with many trees and a walking path.

Mountain Lake

Mountain LakeMountain Lake

Reflecting mountain lake surrounded by snowy peaks.

Ocean Waves

Ocean WavesOcean Waves

Shot from above of a coastal scene with snow-covered ground.

Foggy Winter Mountain

Foggy Winter MountainFoggy Winter Mountain

Snowy, rugged mountain peaks surrounded by fog.

Early Snow

Early SnowEarly Snow

Trees with brown autumn leaves covered by a recent snow.

Snow-Covered Road

Snow-Covered RoadSnow-Covered Road

An urban scene during a blizzard.

Winter Sand Dunes

Winter Sand DunesWinter Sand Dunes

Low-angled shot of sand dunes with bare trees and a colorful sky in the background.



Black & white shot of snow-covered mountain peaks.

Aerial View of Forest

Aerial View of ForestAerial View of Forest

Drone shot looking straight down on a thick forest with hundreds of snow-covered trees.

Icy Plant

Icy PlantIcy Plant

A green plant covered with jagged ice crystals.

Tree-Lined Street

Tree-Lined StreetTree-Lined Street

Snow-covered trees on both sides of a straight, narrow road.

Pink Afternoon

Pink AfternoonPink Afternoon

Bare leafless trees and snow-covered ground with a pink sky in the background.

Close-Up of Icy Leaf

Close-Up of Icy LeafClose-Up of Icy Leaf

Macro shot of a leaf covered in ice crystals with a bold blue background behind it.

Aurora Borealis

Aurora BorealisAurora Borealis

Stunning northern lights in the sky, disappearing behind a snow-capped mountain.

Pile of Leaves

Pile of LeavesPile of Leaves

A collection of brown fallen leaves all covered with ice crystals.

Branches Covered in Snow

Branches Covered in SnowBranches Covered in Snow

Close-up shot of evergreen tree branches with a light coating of snow.

Winter Canyons

Winter CanyonsWinter Canyons

Stunning landscape scene of a snow-covered canyon taken from a high vantage point.

Cold Lake

Cold LakeCold Lake

Winter lake with low-lying fog.

Castle on Cliff

Castle on CliffCastle on Cliff

Iconic German castle photographed from a distance in winter.

Winter Park

Winter ParkWinter Park

Snow-covered park in Moscow, Russia.

Winter Landscape from Above

Winter Landscape from AboveWinter Landscape from Above

Remote Norwegian landscape featuring trees and snow-covered ground, photographed from a high angle.



Leopard in a forest during a snowstorm.

Winter Crystal

Winter CrystalWinter Crystal

Close-up shot of a reflecting crystal sitting on two branches.

Ice-Covered Berries

Ice-Covered BerriesIce-Covered Berries

Close-up shot of red winter berries under a coating of ice.

Stone House at Sunset

Stone House at SunsetStone House at Sunset

Small stone house in the mountains with snow-covered ground photographed at sunset.

White Out

White OutWhite Out

Snow-covered trees in a thick fog.

Snowy Road Between Trees

Snowy Road Between TreesSnowy Road Between Trees

Winter scene with a straight road leading through a dense forest.

Foggy Mountaintop

Foggy MountaintopFoggy Mountaintop

Grayscale foggy mountaintop makes a beautiful modern desktop background.

A Winter’s Night

A Winter's NightA Winter's Night

The moon shines over warm homes glowing in snow-covered hills.

Winter Lake Reflection

Winter Lake ReflectionWinter Lake Reflection

Crisp, cold reflection of a sky and winter landscape on a still lake.



Small barn surrounded by a few trees and snow-covered ground.

Mountain Nightfall

Mountain NightfallMountain Nightfall

Snowcapped Trees

Snowcapped TreesSnowcapped Trees

Minimal Snowscape

Minimal SnowscapeMinimal Snowscape

Monochromatic snowdrift.

Muted Winter Plants

Muted Winter PlantsMuted Winter Plants

Cool hues on dried winter plants.

Snow Falling

Snow FallingSnow Falling

Muted, airy photograph is a nice calming, quiet background that won’t make your desktop feel too bright or busy.

Tree Line Whiteout

Tree Line WhiteoutTree Line Whiteout

Minimal photography with deep greens and lots of negative space.

Winter Berry

Winter BerryWinter Berry

A splash of color amid a snowy white background.

Dog Days of Winter

Dog Days of WinterDog Days of Winter

A very good boy spots something in the woods on a winter walk in this well composed and textured photo.

Northern Light Sleigh Ride

Northern Light Sleigh RideNorthern Light Sleigh Ride

Incredible capture of the Northern Lights from the view of a dog sled.

Team of Horses

Team of HorsesTeam of Horses

Friendly looking horses with great bangs face the photographer for this charming, fluffy winter capture.

Snowy Expanse

Snowy ExpanseSnowy Expanse

Aerial view of a vast landscape covered in snow meeting the horizon far in the distance.

Starry Winter Night

Starry Winter NightStarry Winter Night

This long exposure photograph unveils this peaceful winter night under crystal clear star light.

Download Winter Wallpapers

These wallpapers are among the best ways to enjoy the season. We hope you enjoy these winter backgrounds and free winter wallpapers that are perfect for decorating your desktop in a fun way.

Downloading any of these backgrounds is easy. When you find one that you like, click on the image and you’ll be led to the source. From there, you can download a high resolution version and set it was your wallpaper.

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