Let’s see – you have been searching for the help desk software on our Marketplace, and ended up finding not one but two modules seemingly ideal for your needs: Freshservice For WHMCS and Freshdesk For WHMCS, both responsible for relocating a suite of business productivity tools straight into your WHMCS system. A question instantly pops up in your mind: which one should I go for? So, without further ado, read on for a short and sweet comparison that will help you see the fuller picture, and really understand what’s what.

Freshservice For WHMCS

The module’s job is to establish the integration with Freshservice, which is basically all about simplifying and automating the manner in which you manage your in-house IT support workflows. IT Service Management – or ITSM in short – is the official way of referring to that kind of toolsets. While it has been developed with the original intention of raising the productivity and empowerment of dedicated IT departments, Freshservice also facilitates service supervision across other business units, including legal, security and maintenance.

And here’s another interesting bit – Freshservice For WHMCS has earned a special mention in our Best of 2021 review highlighting the most outstanding projects completed last year by the teams of ModulesGarden.

Freshdesk For WHMCS

This product features close integration with Freshdesk, a customer service software (CSS) that helps online businesses, regardless of size and sector, to deliver excellent customer experience through a fully-fledged yet intuitive ticketing system. It comes with a host of user-friendly tools designed specifically to track and deal with all possible types of issues that your customers may run into while using your products and services. At the same time, Freshdesk eliminates the risk of overloading your agents with work by automating various ticket handling processes. Easy access to analytics reports is a neat addition that will let you make informed, data-driven decisions and achieve your customer care goals with less effort.

Now that you are armed with this sound knowledge, we’ll leave it for you to decide which module fits in your current business landscape better. Naturally, there is still much more to be discussed – if you have any questions, simply drop us a message and we will gladly get one of our experts ready to brainstorm the subject with you in some greater depth.

Freshservice For WHMCSFreshdesk For WHMCS

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