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Are you looking for dark wallpaper to decorate your desktop background? Many of the free wallpaper images you’ll find online are bright or colorful, but sometimes you may want something with more black or dark colors.

The photos showcased here will all make excellent backgrounds for your screen. If you see a picture you like, just click on the image and you’ll be led to a page where you can download a high resolution version of the picture for free.

Dark Wallpaper and Desktop Backgrounds

Here are some of our favorite options for dark backgrounds.

Dark Water

If you’re looking for a simple, interesting wallpaper, this abstract photo of water is an excellent choice. It provides plenty of texture and intrigue, while offering a dark background so your desktop icons will be easy to find.

Dark Water - Dark WallpaperDark Water - Dark Wallpaper


Here is another photo of water that you’re sure to love. This one has more contrast than the previous photo but still gives you a nice dark background.

Wave - Dark WallpaperWave - Dark Wallpaper

Starry Sky

How about a dark night sky photo for your desktop wallpaper? This stunning nature photo showcases an amazing starry sky and rock formation in the foreground.

Starry SkyStarry Sky

Tree and Stars

Here is another night photo that could work well as a desktop background. The stars are on full display in the dark blue sky, and a leafless tree anchors the foreground.

Tree and StarsTree and Stars


This close-up photo of leafy plants is perfect for desktop wallpaper. It provides just enough texture and interest while also giving you a consistently dark background behind your icons.



This photo showcases beautiful green ferns in a very dark photo. Your entire screen will be filled with the picturesque leaves.



Here is another option for a dark, leafy background. Again, the leafs cover your screen and provide a nice background.


Looking for more wallpaper options?


Abstract architectural photos can be very intriguing with the right composition, and this one certainly fits the bill. You’ll have a dark wallpaper with some texture and an interesting pattern.

Building - Dark WallpaperBuilding - Dark Wallpaper

Dark Sand

If you appreciate abstract photos and texture, you’ll love this dark sand wallpaper. It provides the perfect backdrop for your desktop icons and also offers intrigue without being overly distracting.

Sand - Dark WallpaperSand - Dark Wallpaper

Lightning in the Dark Sky

This beautiful night sky photo captures a stunning bolt of lightning surrounded by a cloudy sky. This is a perfect desktop background for anyone who appreciates the beauty and power of nature.

Lightning in the Dark Sky - Dark WallpaperLightning in the Dark Sky - Dark Wallpaper

Smoke Wallpaper

Here’s an abstract wallpaper created with smoke and a dark background.

Smoke - Dark WallpaperSmoke - Dark Wallpaper

Reaching Hand

This photo showcases an arm and hand reaching out from the darkness. The rest of the photo is completely dark and serves as an excellent desktop background.

Reaching HandReaching Hand

Water Droplets

If you enjoy abstract photos and textures, you’re likely to appreciate this image. It showcases water droplets on glass or a metallic surface, with a dark background.

Water Droplets - Dark WallpaperWater Droplets - Dark Wallpaper

Water Droplets

Here’s another water droplet photo. This one is shot from an angle the sides of the photo feature a solid black background with the drops of water only in the center.

Water DropletsWater Droplets

Abstract Dark Wallpaper

This abstract photo includes a dark background and leading lines, along with some curves to create an interesting composition.

Abstract Dark WallpaperAbstract Dark Wallpaper


This abstract photo of steps uses a black background that covers most of the photo. The dark areas are a perfect backdrop for your icons.

Steps - Dark WallpaperSteps - Dark Wallpaper


This dark nature photo features a bright moon near the center of the picture. The top of the photo is a dark blue sky with silhouettes of trees in the foreground and below the moon.


Crescent Moon

The simplicity of this minimalist photo is beautiful. It showcases a crescent moon on a black background to create an ideal dark desktop wallpaper.

Crescent Moon - Dark WallpaperCrescent Moon - Dark Wallpaper


This photo that captures an eclipse makes an excellent desktop background. It’s mostly dark with just the rays of light coming from the edges of the eclipse.


Trees from Above

Sometimes just changing the angle or point of view creates a really interesting photo. This aerial photograph showcases a beautiful and dark forest scene.

Trees from Above - Dark WallpaperTrees from Above - Dark Wallpaper


Here’s another aerial photo that makes a great background. Compare to the previous photo, this one was captured from a much further distance. It provides a dark background with some texture and natural beauty from a perspective that we don’t often see.

Aerial PhotoAerial Photo

Forest From Above

This aerial shot looks straight down on the top of trees that form a dense forest.

Forest From AboveForest From Above

Dark Texture

This abstract dark wallpaper is perfect for an interesting background without being too busy. Your icons can sit on top of the background and be easily seen.

Dark Texture WallpaperDark Texture Wallpaper


An abstract nature photo, this shot captures a dark sky filled with flying birds.



If you like landscape photography, this coastal seascape is a beautiful dark wallpaper. The cloud-filled sky and blurred water provide a bit of light to contrast with the dark rocks and edges of the sky.



This picture is completely dark except for the bright orange flame in the center. You could place your desktop icons on either side so they’re easy to see and without covering up any of the flame.

Flame WallpaperFlame Wallpaper

Camp Fire

A bright camp fire on a black background makes this wallpaper an interesting option. There’s plenty of solid space on the right side of the picture to place your icons without interfering with the subject.

Camp FireCamp Fire

Mount Fuji

This landscape photo of Japan’s stunning Mount Fuji is very dark and moody. It makes an excellent desktop background.

Mount FujiMount Fuji

Underground Track

This railroad scene is different than most of the other images showcased here. This one is a bit busier with more going on in the background, but there is still some low-contrast dark areas along the edges for some icons.

Underground TrackUnderground Track

Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco’s iconic Golden Gate Bridge is the star of this dark wallpaper. Everything in the photo is gray or black except for the bridge, which is lit up at night.

Golden Gate BridgeGolden Gate Bridge

Dalby Forest

This dark, foggy forest scene makes a perfect desktop background. Seeing this on your computer screen will make you feel like you’re in the middle of the woods instead of sitting at your desk.

Dalby ForestDalby Forest

Mountain Stream

Landcape photos are often bright and colorful. This one is dark and dreary, but it’s a beautiful scene that could easily be used as a desktop background.

Mountain StreamMountain Stream

Dark Path

Here is another dark forest scene. This one showcases a narrow path leading through the trees.

Dark PathDark Path


The simplicity of this picture is intriguing. It features a skull in the shadows sitting on a black table in front of a black wall. Of course, all the solid color is ideal for a backdrop to your icons.

Skull - Dark WallpaperSkull - Dark Wallpaper

Moon in the Clear Sky

Nature lovers will appreciate this photo of an almost-full moon on a dark blue sky. The cloudless sky provides a solid backdrop.

Moon in the Clear SkyMoon in the Clear Sky

Moon and Clouds

Here is another moon shot but this one is much different thanks to the clouds that fill the sky. The full moon is visible between the clouds.

Moon and CloudsMoon and Clouds

Moon Through the Trees

This moon photograph was taken looking up through some leafless trees in the winter. It doesn’t feature a solid background because of all the trees, but it could be a nice option, especially if you use a smaller number of icons.

Moon Through The TreesMoon Through The Trees

Man in Front of Smoke

Here’s an interesting photo that’s much different from others featured here. It features a man wearing a hood in front of some smoke that’s illuminated by a red light.

Man in Front of Smoke - Dark WallpaperMan in Front of Smoke - Dark Wallpaper

Dark Portrait

If you’re looking for a portrait to use as your wallpaper, this dark portrait of a woman could be an option. The edges of the photo are solid and dark, providing plenty of space for icons.

Dark PortraitDark Portrait

Child’s Face

Another portrait, this one is a close-up of a child. The child’s eyes really pop on the dark background.

Child's FaceChild's Face


This photo of a girl has a dark matte look with lots of different shades of gray in the picture.


Dark Hallway

This photo of a dark hallway uses leading lines, patterns, and framing to create a beautiful composition. As a wallpaper, the dark sides of the photo are ideal for your icons.

Dark HallwayDark Hallway

Arm and Snake

Here’s an interesting photo of a tatoed arm with a snake wrapped around the wrist and hand. The solid black background provides contrast and gives you a clean place for your icons.

Arm and SnakeArm and Snake


This photo showcases a dark cloudless sky. The image is a solid color aside from the small jet in the center and the white streaks created in the sky.



If you love cars, you may appreciate this dark wallpaper. The background of the image is black, the car itself is dark, and the light for the photo is dark. The brake lights stand out as the only light and color in the photo.


Coffee Mug

Here’s a simple shot that may be the perfect background for coffee lovers.

Coffee Mug - Dark WallpaperCoffee Mug - Dark Wallpaper

Dark Room

This photo shows a brown wooden chair sitting in a small area of light in an otherwise dark room. The position of the chair an a light at the top left of the photo add balance to the composition.

Dark Room WallpaperDark Room Wallpaper

Down a Hole

This photo was taken from a well or a hole in the ground. The perspective is looking up to the sky outside of the hole.

Down a HoleDown a Hole

Urban Decay

This photo showcases a grungy textured scene of urban decay.

Urban DecayUrban Decay


Here is another simple photo that could work well as a background. A baseball is at the center of the photo, surrounded by dark textured ground.


Final Thoughts

These dark wallpapers should give you plenty of options if you’re looking for an alternative to a bright and colorful desktop background. If you see a photo you like, simply click on the photo and you’ll be led to the source where you can download a high res version of the image for free.

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