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Posters and flyers are an integral part of promoting concerts and music festivals locally and on social media. A well-designed gig poster can help any band look more professional and help to generate interest for upcoming events and shows.

Getting a quality gig poster doesn’t have to be expensive and doesn’t have to involve hiring a graphic designer for a custom design. There are a lot of great-looking gig poster templates available that can be purchased and used to create your own music event poster for an affordable price.

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If you’re a designer, using one of these templates as a starting point for client work can also help to reduce the amount of time you have to spend on the project, which can also allow you to reduce the cost.

Here we’ll take a look at 27 band poster templates that are available for less than $10.

Gig Poster Templates from Envato Elements

Envato Elements is the #1 source of gig flyer templates and concert poster templates. For a low monthly fee, you can get access to millions of creative resources like fonts, stock photos, graphic templates, sound clips, and more. Many of the gig posters showcased here are from Envato Elements, so you can get access to lots of great templates (plus a whole lot more) to use in your design.

Best Gig Poster Templates

Here you’ll find a collection of templates that can be used in Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign (check the details of any template that interests you).

Acoustic Gig Poster Template

Acoustic Gig Poster TemplatesAcoustic Gig Poster Templates

Indie Gig Poster

Preview of Indie Gig PosterPreview of Indie Gig Poster

Hand Lettering Music Flyer Photoshop Template

Hand Lettering Music FlyerHand Lettering Music Flyer

Indie Tour Poster Template

Preview of Indie Gig Flyer & PosterPreview of Indie Gig Flyer & Poster

Festival Poster Template

Festival Poster TemplateFestival Poster Template

Music & Party Poster

Music & Party PosterMusic & Party Poster

Indie Concert Tour Poster Template

Indie Concert Poster TemplateIndie Concert Poster Template

Indie Gig Flyer Template

Indie Gig Poster TemplateIndie Gig Poster Template

Chill Out Lounge Concert Flyer Template

Chill Out Lounge Flyer & PosterChill Out Lounge Flyer & Poster

Retro Rock ‘n’ Roll Monochrome Poster Template

Retro Rock n Roll PosterRetro Rock n Roll Poster

Flash Sound Music Party Flyer Template

Flash Sound Poster TemplateFlash Sound Poster Template

Country Fest Concert Poster Template

Country Fest TemplateCountry Fest Template

Music Festival Flyer Template

Music Festival Flyer TemplateMusic Festival Flyer Template

Rock Festival Flyer

Rock Festival FlyerRock Festival Flyer

Rock Music Flyer & Poster

Rock Music Flyer and PosterRock Music Flyer and Poster

Karaoke Poster Template

Karaoke Poster TemplateKaraoke Poster Template

Uptown Funk Music Flyer Template

Uptown Funk Music Flyer TemplateUptown Funk Music Flyer Template

Disco Dance Flyer

Disco Dance FlyerDisco Dance Flyer

EDM Party Flyer

EDM Party FlyerEDM Party Flyer

Electro Bang Flyer Template

Electro Bang Flyer TemplateElectro Bang Flyer Template

Acoustic Music Event Poster

Acoustic Event Poster TemplateAcoustic Event Poster Template

Indie Week Flyer

Indie Week FlyerIndie Week Flyer

Indie Sounds Flyer

Indie Sounds Flyer TemplateIndie Sounds Flyer Template

Unplugged Poster

Unplugged PosterUnplugged Poster

Road Trip Event Poster

Road Trip Event PosterRoad Trip Event Poster

Alternative Band Poster Template

Alternative FlyerAlternative Flyer

Indie Rock Flyer Template

Indie Rock Flyer TemplateIndie Rock Flyer Template

Gig Poster Templates Wrap-Up

We hope you enjoyed these poster design and band flyers examples. Each tour poster template that you see here can be used to create a fantastic promotion for your band or for a client. With this extra assistance, you’ll never need to design a concert poster from scratch and you can get outstanding results in a small amount of time.

Gig poster templates will prove to be a huge help in your graphic design work. Use them to promote events in your local area or on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and more.

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