In This Episode: the best ways to prepare for and run a Black Friday Sale (or any sale)!

Like anything in life, you stand to be most successful when you prepare for a BFCM sale in advance. That means not waiting until the last minute to throw together a landing page, or emailing your list the day before.

Instead, you want to start by properly segmenting your mailing list (you’re building a mailing list, right?) so you can target them with the right sales. For example, if you sell a widget, you don’t want to email people who’ve already purchased that widget letting them know it’s 33% less than they paid for it.

“Warming up” your list is important for deliverability too. Email them when everyone else is emailing them, and you’ll get lost in the noise. But beyond that, you may have deliverability issues. Email providers will find it suspicious that a list that has been dormant for a year is suddenly emailing everyone multiple times a week, and not everyone will receive those emails.

Once your list is segmented and “warm”, you should set your sale (33% and 50% off work well), run it for less than a week, and email your list regularly to remind them to take advantage!

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