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The perfect combination of text and design can make or break your company’s branding. With so many fonts to choose from, it can be hard to pick the right one for your business. However, some fonts are more ideal than others for use in logo design.

Here we’ll be looking at the best logo fonts that you’ll definitely want to consider. Many of these fonts for logos include extras like stylistic alternates, ligatures, and other features that are perfect for creating a unique custom logo design.

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The Best Logo Fonts

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Blackpast is a futuristic font that was created with logos in mind. It’s an all-caps font with the lowercase letters provide a stylistic alternate to the regular uppercase letters. By mixing and matching, you’ll be able to create a beautiful logo with the look of custom lettering. Blackpast also includes numbers and punctuation.



Plankiss is a bold display font created with hand-drawn letters. The package includes lowercase and uppercase letters, ligatures, numerals, punctuation, stylistic alternates for some characters, and multi-language support. It’s the perfect choice when you want an elegant hand-drawn typeface that’s also readable.



Lequire is an all-caps sans serif that was created specifically with logos in mind. The lowercase letters provide stylistic alternatives to the regular uppercase letters and make it easy to create a logo with a custom look. An outline font is also provided to give you more versatility.

Lequire - Logo FontsLequire - Logo Fonts

Lequire Rounded

This rounded font is another option. It includes the same features as the regular Lequire typeface, and you’ll love the alternates that make it easy to create a memorable logo. Of course, the difference is that this font features softer rounded edges, giving it a much different feel.

Lequire Rounded - Logo FontsLequire Rounded - Logo Fonts


Leafy is an excellent option for nature or eco-friendly logos. Some of the letters (lowercase and uppercase) feature small leaves. The download also includes glyphs that can be used in programs like Illustrator and Photoshop that support OpenType features. The download includes numbers, punctuation, multi-language support, and a web font.

Leafy - Logo FontLeafy - Logo Font


Qualy is a bold sans serif that was created specifically to be used for logos. It includes uppercase letters, lowercase letters with geometric shapes, numbers, punctuation, and multi-language support. A web font version is also available.



Malibu is a fancy contemporary typeface with a vintage feel. It’s ideal for logos in part because of the 165+ alternates that are included for decorating your text and creating something custom. It comes with uppercase and lowercase characters, numbers, punctuation, ligatures, and multi-language support. A web font is also available.



Modena is a font duo that includes an all-caps sans serif and a beautiful script font that pair together perfectly. It also comes with six logo templates, in PSD format, that make it simple to create a beautiful logo. The script font includes more than 50 ligatures that help to give the text a genuine hand-drawn look.



Brolink is an all-caps sans serif. The lowercase letters are used for stylistic alternates that have a futuristic look. You can combine the regular characters with some alternates to get a unique logo. An outline font is also included in the package.



Apricosa is a decorative serif vintage font. It’s fantastic for designing logos because it includes a collection of alternate letters, ligatures, and washes to create something that looks completely custom. It also comes with two free logo templates you can use if you’d like. Multi-language support is included, and a web font is also available.


Losta Masta

Losta Masta is another decorative typeface with a vintage style and plenty of legibility. Like Apricosa, Losta Masta comes with a massive collection of extras that are perfect for designing beautiful logos. You’ll get 100+ alternates and 40+ ligatures that provide nearly unlimited possibilities. A web font is also available.

Losta Masta - Logo FontsLosta Masta - Logo Fonts


Duffish was created to be used in the design of logos, and it comes with a collection of alternate letters that allow you to create something unique. Mix and match the regular and alternate styles to see what works best.



Connect was created to be used for minimalist logos. There are three variations of each letter and number. The styles work well together and can be used to present a subtle touch to a logo design. Punction and multilingual characters are included.

Connect Font for LogosConnect Font for Logos

Sydney Font Duo

Sydney is another beautiful font duo that’s ideal for logos. It includes a slanted all-caps sans serif and an amazing script font. The script font includes lowercase and uppercase letters and multi-language support. You’ll also get a set of 12 logo templates you can use to easily create a beautiful logo very quickly.

Sydney Font Duo for LogosSydney Font Duo for Logos

Just Cosmic

Just Cosmic is a beautiful vintage typeface that has loads of character. It comes with uppercase and lowercase letters, stylistic alternates, and cutout ligatures. You’ll also get a huge pack of 25 logo templates that can speed up your work. A web font version is also available.

Just CosmicJust Cosmic


Fenway is a retro script typeface that’s excellent for logos and branding. You can easily add an underscore to the last letter of any word, making it easy to create your own logo. The download comes with uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, multilingual characters, and a web font.



Cloudtsers was designed with logotypes in mind. It’s a sans serif that includes many ligatures to create typography that stands out. An outline version is also provided.



The Dope family includes six fonts: normal, bold, and black, plus italic versions of each. Dope is ideal for logos, headlines, and other areas with short text (not body copy). It has a unique look, and with several different variations, you’ll have plenty of possibilities. Multilingual characters and a web font are included.



Hedgehock is a script font that was inspired by signage. It’s an awesome choice for logo design because it includes alternate characters, ligatures, and swashes to easily decorate your text. It comes in OpenType format.


Greatly Font Duo

Greatly is a duo that includes an all-caps sans serif, Caligor Sans, and a beautiful script font. You’ll also get a set of 12 logo templates in PSD format that are perfect for creating vintage logos in no time. There are three different styles of each letter: clean, edge, and stamp. You’ll also get numbers, punctuation, and multi-language support.

Greatly Font DuoGreatly Font Duo

The Kingdrops

The Kingdrops is another amazing font duo that you’re sure to love. You’ll get a sans serif and a script font that work perfectly together. The package also comes with 12 logo templates and 50 hand-drawn objects to go along with the text. It includes stylistic alternates, ligatures, swashes, numbers, punctuation, and multi-lingual characters,

The KingdropsThe Kingdrops


Bowlist combines brush lettering and natural handwriting. It’s fantastic for logos because of the 161 alternates and 376 glyphs that make it easy to create a custom look with your text.



Prelia is a sans serif that was designed specifically with logos in mind. It comes with uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, and support for more than 60 languages. If you’re looking for a simple wordmark or text-based logo, Prelia could be the perfect option.



Artis is a fat sans serif that’s outstanding for logos and branding. It comes with uppercase and lowercase letters, with both being equally unique. A web font is also included in the download.



Flix is an all-caps font that comes in regular and outline variations. It’s ideal for branding and logos, as well as product packaging, advertising, and more. A web font version is included in the download.



Vogue is a modern font that’s ideal for headlines and logos. It comes in five weights (thin, light, regular, bold, and extra bold). There are also italic versions of all five weights, plus two outline variations (regular and extra bold). A web font is also included. This large pack gives you lots of options to create a nice logo that you’ll love.



Noir is a unique all-caps display font that’s outstanding for logos, branding, headlines, t-shirts, and more. There are five weights (thin, light, regular, bold, and black), plus italic versions of each weight. With this awesome font family and all of the possibilities, it’s easy to create a nice text-based logo. A web font is also included.



Oxigen is a logo typeface that’s completely unique. There aren’t a lot of variations or styles included, but this all-caps font works well for logos without any changes needed.



Vultura is a beautiful and elegant font duo with regular and outline versions. Inspired by vintage serifs, Vultura is sure to inject some class into any brand. It comes with uppercase and lowercase letters, ligatures, numbers, punctuation, and symbols. You’ll also get four logo templates that give you an easy option for designing a logo quickly.



Nomad is a display font created for logos, branding, and headlines. It comes in three weights: regular, bold, and heavy. Creating a unique logo that stands out is easy with the help of Nomad. A web font is also included in the download.


River Jade

River Jade is a signature font that’s ideal for designing script logos. The download includes uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, multi-language characters, ligatures, bonus design elements, and a pack of six pre-designed logo templates.

River JadeRiver Jade

Space Boards

Space Boards is a sci-fi logo font that could be an excellent choice, depending on your brand’s image. The lowercase and uppercase letters provide you with two variations of each letter for creating unique and styled combinations.

Space BoardsSpace Boards


Axewell is a hand-brushed typeface created for branding. It also comes with a complimentary marker font and a bonus pack of swashes that are perfect for decorating your text. It also comes with uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, symbols, and ligatures.



Knoxville is a sans serif that works well for logos. The lowercase letters include underlines and can be used in combination with the uppercase letters for some decorations. Numbers and punctuation are also included.



Brand is a classy all-caps font that works well for logos and branding. It includes numbers, punctuation, ligatures, and multi-lingual characters. A web font version is also available.

Brand - Logo FontsBrand - Logo Fonts

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re creating a text-based logo or something that includes text and other elements, choosing the right typeface is an important part of the process. Here we’ve showcased 35 options that provide plenty of style.

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