Hello, very interesting article, but about Opencart there are some points that I disagree with.
I’ve been working with Opencart for over 12 years, having created over 100 integrations and plugins for it.

Here are the points:
– About customization can be done through the Panel, it has an editor for the visual part and also for the language, but the ideal really depends on the adjustment being made by a professional
– It has a strong SEO, due to being the fastest E-commerce that consumes less resources, in addition to having meta title, meta description and other features, it can also be used simple plugins for OpenGraph and Structured Data
– It withstands high demand, we even have stores with thousands of orders per day and having an excellent performance. Large store recommend using Cache with Redis, as would be needed in any E-commerce, with the advantage that Opencart can handle more demand with less resource cost
– It has native Events for years, as far as I remember since Opencart 2, and it is currently in Opencart 4
– Another advantage of it is that it is 100% modular, having a rich ecosystem of worldwide and professional plugins, in addition to being easy to customize and create new features by PHP developers, due to its simple architecture and MVC

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