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Business success begins with listening.

That’s correct – even though at first thought, listening alone may appear as an entirely passive process, it is essential to be mindful of the fact that if used wisely, it inevitably leads to active business growth. At that, by carefully listening to the customer voice, market-specific data can be scrupulously gathered and transformed into customer-oriented business moves.

Throughout almost 10 years of our experience on the web hosting market, we have been upgrading our listening skills for you. Because who knows better what our customers really need than themselves?

Respective to this thought, we have lately got down to analyzing how many of you know, use and benefit from the widely-acclaimed IBM Cloud solutions. As the feverish response we received has exceeded our boldest expectations, reluctant to waste even a minute more, we have decided to take these highly valued services to the ModulesGarden workshop. The effect? Each of you can now experience all the benefits of IBM Cloud servers under one WHMCS umbrella!

Virtualization at its best!

From the moment when the virtual servers reselling business manifested itself on the globe and spread rapidly through its every corner, it has been ruled by strong demand for service optimization and top-notch customer care. Since the overriding aim of each business is to build long-lasting relationships with consumers, the reselling one too has to fall way beyond the mere product delivery. It has to secure a top-quality service adjusted in the tiniest detail to the unique customer needs, and give them the assurance of being in perfect control over owned machines.

IBM Cloud Virtual Servers For WHMCS module by ModulesGarden

IBM Cloud Virtual Servers For WHMCS – this is the 6-word answer to the inevitably arising question: how on earth can anyone effectively do it all on a daily basis?

ModulesGarden IBM Cloud Virtual Servers For WHMCS - Client Area

As its name already suggests, the module brings both reselling and management over Virtual Servers built on the IBM Cloud foundation under the familiar surroundings of your WHMCS system. While you will stand at the helm of all the provisioning and supervisory tasks, your customers will be freed from the hassle of leaving the client area any time they need to carry out any key operation on their VPS.

Farewell, SoftLayer!

When the news about the acquisition of SoftLayer completed by IBM Cloud circled around the globe, many were afraid what it really means for them, and what is going to change. Those fears, however, proved to be unfounded as the SoftLayer everyone has valued and heard so much about simply became the new foundation of IBM Cloud, still delivering the same high-quality cloud infrastructure, but now on a much bigger scale.

Hearing that, we were glad that there appeared even more powerful source of cloud solutions for businesses but at the same time we simply could not remain dormant and leave this news without a proper response on our part.

IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers For WHMCS module by ModulesGarden

To stay on a par with those dynamic market changes, we now proudly announce that our former SoftLayer Servers For WHMCS module has been successfully upgraded, and from this point can be found under the flag of IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers For WHMCS!

ModulesGarden IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers – Client Area

Behind the new name and essentially modernized look stands even more power and control as before – complete automation of the provisioning and management over bare metal servers delivered by IBM Cloud directly via your WHMCS, both for you and your customers.

Have we made your imagination fly on in how many ways your business could benefit from the mighty presence of IBM Cloud servers in your product offer? Take up the opportunity to change those dreams into the reality where you experience all the blessings of complete automation in their delivery, management and customer billing!

Introduce IBM Cloud to your WHMCS!

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