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We are living in the 21st century, where everything around us changes at almost breakneck speed. The world surrounding you when you get to bed today, may not be the same one you will wake up in the next morning. Just like it is happening right now when we all have to familiarize ourselves with the new type of reality and redefine what “normal” looks like.

For some of us, this means much more responsibilities and challenges to face with on a daily basis, while for others it may turn out as an opportunity take some rest, catch a deep breath and look at life from a totally different angle. The majority of companies, including those operating on the dynamic web hosting market, have successfully adopted a remote model of work – and rightfully so as the safety and well-being of employees is beyond compare.

Essentially, we discovered that there are two main approaches to the current state of affairs: some companies slow down the tempo and simply wait the storm out, while other do the exact opposite – they seem to catch the wind in their sails to not let these unfavorable circumstances stop them on their road to the top.

Everyone is preparing for a wide range of outcomes by adopting an equally wide array of safety precautions and preventives, but have you thought for a minute about the moment when everything finally goes back to the usual? Which group would you like to see yourself in once all these adversities finally become a distant memory? Will you be able to say to your mirror self:

“I have done everything I could to defy the odds.”

with a clear conscience?

If you have the slightest doubt about it, there is only one way out. Instead of sitting idle, act today and do something that will give you and your business a strong advantage over everyone else once the dust settles. Since none of us can control the current situation around us, why not turn it into a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to grow stronger instead?

We are therefore reaching out to every single one of you with a helpful hand – if there is anything at all ModulesGarden could help you with, we are here for you, rock-like at our post! For all those of you, who would like to outrun all competitors with a new custom software developed according to your specific requirements, we are launching a magnificent, yet time-limited offer – a discount reaching up to 20% on all bespoke solutions, available for each and every implementation paid for up until the end of April.

There is no time to waste then! Feel most welcome to contact our expert advisors via this brief form, tell us about your innermost software requirements in full detail and receive a free quotation.

Not exactly sure what kind of solution specifically would suit your business best and looking for some inspiration? To help you get the gist of what can be expected from our skilled IT professionals, we have compiled a list of exemplary designs:

  • Fully-featured provisioning modules
  • End-to-end orders automation solution
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Custom order page
  • Domain registrar system
  • Third-party software integration
  • Data migration and data synchronization systems
  • VPS provisioning modules (such as DigitalOcean Droplets For WHMCS)
  • Personalized reports for the Report Generator For WHMCS module or WHMCS in general
  • Custom payment gateway for Resellers Center For WHMCS and Multibrand For WHMCS
  • Even more advanced DNS zones management for DNS Manager For WHMCS or cPanel
  • Integration of Advanced Billing For WHMCS with any other module to enable resource usage charges
  • Full-scale modules dedicated to the WHMCS platform built from A to Z
  • All sorts of modifications to the current modules or systems

Motivated to start the wheels of your project turning?

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Check out also our other exclusive service designed to help your business spread the wings of prosperity – Developer Outsourcing – and find out what else we can do for you!

In such unprecedented times, having a strong shoulder of support may take the burden of sleepless nights and constant anxiety off your shoulders. Which is why we find it important for you to acknowledge that you can put your faith in the entire ModulesGarden team as we remain invariably at your command, ready to assist you all the way through.

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