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The official introduction of WHMCS V8.0 General Availability has created quite a buzz among the community, and we are not surprised – after all, a whole new kit of implements has been put in the hands of not only business owners, but also software developers. Are you curious to find out what we REALLY think about this new release?

X-raying WHMCS V8.0

If we say the new user management system is what we find the most game-changing feature of WHMCS V8.0, we certainly won’t be the only one, right? The usefulness of allowing a single client to access multiple accounts stretches our business imagination to whole new levels!

Another shrewd move is calling a halt to support for the obsolete PHP versions, that being 7.2 and previous. The best thing about it is that we can now bring into action more advanced PHP designs, which will streamline the performance of our WHMCS modules, and substantially reduce the risk of a coding mistake at the same time.

One more detail of WHMCS V8.0 that we think of as being particularly important is the extended list of API methods, as they provide a fresh impetus to further development of our product base.

So, what’s next for the WHMCS modules?

Since the works on WHMCS V8.0  were announced back in early July, we have been asked various questions concerning our WHMCS modules, their support for this newest release, as well as other technical particulars. Given that we have almost reached the threshold of 90% in testing our products towards their rock-solid compatibility with WHMCS V8.0, we assumed now would be the best time to clear up some of the most niggling doubts once and for all.

How do I know if my module can be safely used in WHMCS V8.0?

Making sure that you have direct, up-to-date knowledge on the progress of our compatibility examinations is our high priority. Bearing that in mind, we keep a dedicated list on our official Forums where you can easily preview the current record of all successfully readjusted products. If you would rather access the modules from our Product Marketplace directly, please select the “Recently Updated” filter, and look for the green WHMCS V8.0 label.

How do I update my module?

A step-by-step guide through the process of updating any WHMCS module can be found on our Wiki page.

Can I install the module in WHMCS V8.0 if it has not been tested yet?

To avoid any potential incompatibility issues, installing our modules in WHMCS V8.0 is recommended only after they have been carefully fitted into this new environment and added to our official list on the Forums. At the time of publishing this article, we confirm that already approved WHMCS modules are safe to use on the latest WHMCS V8.0.2.

Do you have any other questions about our WHMCS modules that have not been answered yet? Do not hesitate to contact our Support Team for further clarification or let us know in the comments section below!

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