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As a graphic designer, fonts are an essential part of your toolkit. They make or break your designs.

1800s fonts in particular have a certain appeal. The era experienced a font and typography revolution, and its impact is still present in today’s graphic design. Many 19th century fonts are quirky and unique, with lots of character. If you’re looking to give your designs an antique feel, they’re the perfect choice.

Here you’ll find a collection of the best modern fonts that have been design to replicate the style of the 19th century. From elaborate handwritten scripts to classic serifs, there’s something here for everyone.

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Best 1800s Fonts

If you’re looking for an old-school font to give your design that extra bit of character, check out these 19th century fonts! They’ll take your vintage designs to the next level.

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Euphoria is an excellent family of 1800s fonts. There are 11 fonts in total, including:

  • Euphoria Victorian
  • Euphoria Victorian Shadow
  • Euphoria Victorian Gradient
  • Euphoria Tuscan
  • Euphoria Tuscan Gradient
  • Euphoria Tuscan Outline
  • Euphoria Serif
  • Euphoria Serif Shadow
  • Euphoria Expand
  • Euphoria Expand Bold
  • Euphoria Sans

In addition, the package also comes with some extra glyphs for styling your text. To use the glyphs, you’ll need a program (like Photoshop or Illustrator) that supports OpenType features.

Euphoria really is more than just a font. It’s a bundle of beautiful vintage fonts that give you plenty of options when you want an authentic 1800s feel.

Euphoria 1800s FontsEuphoria 1800s Fonts

Bahud Aroyek Decorative Display 1800s Font

Bahud Aroyek is a display font created with masterful Victorian lettering. It’s elegant and ideal for a wide range of projects like branding, product packaging, apparel, merchandise, and printed material like invitations. You’ll love the alternate styles and ligatures that allow you to create text that looks like it was custom crafted. A web font version is also included.

Bahud Aroyek Decorative 1800s FontBahud Aroyek Decorative 1800s Font


Chesterfield is an awesome 19th century font that was inspired by carnival, circus, and tattoo signs from the 1800s. Due to the decorative styling, Chesterfield looks best in large text. There are three variations included: regular, gradient regular, and extruded. The package also includes 30 vintage vector shapes that are perfect for creating badges and signs.


White Castle

White Castle is a Victorian typeface that is an outstanding choice for your vintage designs. It’s an all-caps font with the lowercase letters being alternate versions of the uppercase styles. A web font version is also available. You’ll love using White Castle for branding, signage, badges, and other vintage designs.

White Castle 1800s FontWhite Castle 1800s Font


Taberna is a huge type system that includes 20+ 1800s fonts. You’ll get serif and sans serif varieties with layered versions that can be stacked, as well as a monoliner 19th century script font. With Taberna in your arsenal, you’ll always have access to plenty of options. You’ll love using it for posters, headlines, advertisements, product labels, apparel, and more.

Taberna 1800s FontsTaberna 1800s Fonts


Liquidior is a clean typeface with vintage charm. It was inspired by ancient Greek typography and you’re sure to find plenty of ways to use it in your work. The package includes numerals, punctuation, ligatures, multilingual characters, as well as some badges and illustrations that can be used with the text.


Wakers Amor

Wakers Amor is a blackletter font with 1800s character and style. It was created with handmade Victorian typography and is an excellent choice for signs, branding, posters, and other designs that feature large text. You’ll get ligatures, stylistic alternates, multilingual characters, and a web font.

Waykers Amor 1800s FontWaykers Amor 1800s Font


Reborn is a layered system that includes four fonts: basic, inline, shadow, and ornament. You can use any of the fonts on their own, or stack them for the look you want. It comes with numerals, punctuation, and multilingual characters. You’ll love using Reborn for posters, flyers, product packaging, product labels, branding, t-shirst, merchandise, and more.


Rotten Banquet

Rotten Banquet may be a weird name, but it will prove to be an outstanding addition to your collection. The designer was inspired by 19th century Victorian typography. It’s decorative, but still easy to read. The package comes with a massive collection of 370+ glyphs for use along with your text.

Rotten BanquetRotten Banquet

The Bhorthead

The Bhorthead is a beautiful vintage stamp font that is perfect for product labels, product packaging, t-shirts, apparel, merchandise, and branding. There are two versions: clean and rough (textured), which provides added versatility. You’ll also love the collection of stylistic alternates, ligatures, and washes.

The BhortheadThe Bhorthead

Vanberg 19th Century Typeface

Vanberg is a decorative display font with plenty of 19th century charm. It’s an all caps vintage font, with the lowercase letters being stylistic alternates. Vanberg works best with large text, so it’s ideal for headlines, posters, album covers, t-shirts, etc.



Lawless was inspired by wood type of the 1800s. It’s a bold font that’s perfect when you’re looking for vintage typography with a wild west feel. The package comes with four different styles: regular, grunge, spur, and shadow. Use them together or their own to get the look you’re after. Lawless is best with large text when you want to make a bold statement.



Pollyester is a blackletter typeface that blends modern and classic typography. Unlike some other Old English fonts or blackletter fonts, Pollyester is clear and easy to read. It comes with stylistic alternates and ligatures that make it easy to create a customized look. A web font is also included.



Sicero is a duo that includes both a sans serif and a Roman (serif) font. Both are great for use in signs, branding, advertisements, social media images, headlines, and more. A web font version is also available.



Hidrofont is an ornate vintage typeface that combines 19th century typography with modern characteristics. As an elegant modern font, it’s excellent for branding, invitations, signs, packaging, labels, apparel, and more. The download includes bonus swashes and a web font.


Chief Cart 1800s Typeface

Chief Cart features handmade Victorian lettering. Plenty of care went into each letter. It’s best when used with large text so the details in the letters can be easily seen. The package also includes alternates and ligatures.

Chief Cart 1800s TypefaceChief Cart 1800s Typeface


Humoresque is a huge family of 12 layered fonts that can be mixed and matched to create endless different looks. It was inspired by turn-of-the-century decorative type and is certain to be a fun addition to your toolbox. Use it for signs, branding, posters, etc.



This ornate and decorative retro font is an outstanding choice for designing product labels, packaging, branding, advertisements, apparel, and more. Made with Victorian handwriting, it’s sure to have an impact. The download includes two different alternate versions, ligatures, multilanguage support, and a web font.



Aspernatur is a vintage display font, inspired by lettering from the late 1800s. The ornamental font may find a place in your designers for posters, book covers, and other vintage projects. The package includes a web font.


Historica Typeface

This layered font family includes five variations that can be stacked or used on their own. It’s an ideal choice for signs, posters, merchandise, apparel, and more. The package includes numerals, punctuation, and some bonus vintage vector corners.

Historica TypefaceHistorica Typeface


This designer of Elkarnito was inspired by vintage lettering, and the end result is an amazing font that has a wide range of uses. You’ll get uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, ligatures, and multilingual characters. You’ll love the bonus graphics and catchwords that are included as PNG files, perfect for use with your text. A web font version is also included.


Rusty Store

Rusty Store is an elegant serif typeface that’s highly decorative with an old style. It’s not the easiest to read, but ideal when you want an 1800s font that has amazing vintage appeal. The package comes with alternates, glyphs, and a web font.

Rusty StoreRusty Store

Maron King

Maron King is a display typeface inspired by both Victorian and classic styles. This is a versatile collection that includes uppercase and lowercase letters, lots of alternates, numbers, punctuation, accents, ligatures, and a web font. With the inclusion of the alternatives, you can mix and match to create text that looks like it was custom designed.

Maron KingMaron King


Gibswing is an impressive package that includes three different fonts (serif, regular, and all caps), plus some decorative extras. The fancy lettering is well suited for signs, badges, banners, branding, and more. Gibswing Regular includes uppercase and lowercase letters and will probably be the one you use the most, with the others being decorative options. Support for many languages is included.



Angwie is a serif font made with Victorian handlettering. It’s all-caps and uses the lowercase letters to provide alternates of the uppercase style. You’ll also get ligatures, numbers, and punctuation. Angwie works best with large text sizes.


Stay Alive

Stay Alive is one of the best 19th century fonts, with a beautiful Victorian style. It comes with numbers, punctuation, multilingual characters, ligatures, and stylistic alternates. Stay Alive is an excellent option for branding, posters, product labels, packaging, t-shirts, and merchandise.

Stay AliveStay Alive


Ehrich is a gorgeous typeface that comes in regular and rough variations. Its all-caps, so it’s not going to be the appropriate choice for every project, but Ehrich will certainly find a place in your work. Inspired by vintage magic advertisements, Ehrich is ideal for headlines, posters, flyers, ads, and more.



Winchester is a decorative blackletter typeface that was created with handmade lettering. The download includes lots of alternates, ligatures, and multilingual characters, plus a web font version.


Boston 1851

Boston 1851 is different than the others showcased here. This font works well with small text and replicates the look of1800s era printing and type design. Inspired by the stereotype established and used in Boston, it has a very authentic look and feel. The package includes several variations, plus a collection of more than 600 glyphs.

Boston 1851Boston 1851

Korenah Serif

Korenah Serif is a beautiful font with vintage styling. The packages comes with uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, multilingual characters, ligatures, alternates, and a web font. It’s a very versatile font that can be used in many different types of projects.

Korenah SerifKorenah Serif

Free 1800s Fonts

Above, we’ve showcased the best 1800s fonts, but you may be looking for a free alternative. There are some free 19th century fonts available, but the selection is far more limited. When you’re using freebies, be sure to check the terms of the license as commercial use may not be allowed.

Hustlers Rough

The demo version of Hustlers Rough is a free font for personal use. It does not include numbers and punctuation, but the letters are beautifully crafted.

Hustlers RoughHustlers Rough


Sancreek is free for personal or commercial use. Uppercase and lowercase letters are included.


Traditio AH

Traditio AH is free only for personal use. The lettering is based on German beer advertising.

Traditio AHTraditio AH

Walbaum Fraktur

Walbaum Fraktur comes in four styles and can be used for commercial projects.

Walbaum FrakturWalbaum Fraktur

DS Fette Kanzlei

DS Fette Kanzlei can be used for commercial projects. It features ornate decorative lettering.

DS Fette KanzleiDS Fette Kanzlei

Final Thoughts on 1800s Fonts

If you’re creating a vintage design and you want the look or style of the 19th century, the easiest way to do it is to use one of the best 1800s fonts featured here. These typefaces were crafted with care to emulate to look of 19th century typography.

With unmistakable character and charm, the best 19th century fonts will be an excellent addition to your arsenal.

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