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Do you want a font that’s funky, groovy, and perfect for your retro or vintage designs? If so, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re looking for something to spice up your logo or just want some fresh inspiration for your next design project, these ’70s fonts are sure to fit the bill!

The 1970s was a time of social change and political unrest. The hippie movement, Watergate scandal, Vietnam War protests, and many other milestones in American history happened during this decade. It also had a great influence on culture, including the arts.

Typography from the era is very distinct, so if you’re looking to create something with an authentic ’70s look, you must have the right font. These fonts aren’t only for projects from the ’70s era, as the style is making a comeback in design. Here you’ll find a collection of ’70s fonts that you’re sure to love.

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The Best ’70s Fonts

If you’re looking for a custom typeface to use in your graphic design, we’ve got quite the collection for you. There are more than 45 fonts showcased here and all have retro style with a fantastic ’70s flair.

Many of the fonts showcased here are available at Envato Elements. If you love fonts, and I know you do, Envato Elements is the best resource out there. A subscription gives you access to unlimited downloads of more than 16,000 high-quality fonts, plus millions of other design resources like photos, videos, templates, and more. Learn more about Envato Elements here.


Lovadelic is a script font inspired by 1970’s script lettering and psychedelic balloon typography. Your designs are sure to have a genuine retro feel with this groovy typeface. There are five different fonts included: Lovadelic Regular, Lovadelic Expand, Lovadelic Slant, Lovadelic Slant Expand, and Lovadelic Extras. The “extras” font includes glyphs and elements you can use to decorate your designs.

Lovadelic - Best 70s FontsLovadelic - Best 70s Fonts

Your Groovy Font

This retro psychedelic ’70s font is sure to make your designs stand out with funkadelic letters. If you’re looking for a style that’s authentic to the era, this font is a great option. It’s perfect for retro posters, t-shirts, funky merchandise, and more. It includes uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, multilingual support, and a web font.

Groovy FontGroovy Font

Summer of ’76

Summer of ’76 is a multi-line font that takes a different approach. As one of the best disco era fonts, you’re sure to love using this one in your work. It works best with large text so the distinctions between the lines are clear. Ideal uses include music album covers, apparel design, posters, movie titles, and more.

Summer of '76Summer of '76


Fiver is another beautiful multi-line font that is similar to Summer of ’76, but instead of being curvy, it features straight lines and angles. It’s perfect for logos, product packaging, movie titles, merchandise, album covers, and more. This is an all-caps font that is best for text in large sizes.



Funkies is a bold script font that was inspired by funk, disco and rockabilly music posters and album covers. This is a fun font that’s sure to bring some excitement to your design process, along with some nostalgia. It comes with alternate characters, swashes and ligatures for decorative touches, and multilingual accents. This is another font that’s best when used with large text.



Groovy was created from a hand lettering project inspired by typography from the 1970s. It comes with an extruded version, which is an awesome addition. It also comes with almost 600 glyphs, stylistic alternates, swashes, and ligatures.



Gruvilicious is a funky, psychedelic font that has a distinct ’70s look. It’s perfect for retro music covers, book covers, memorabilia, post cards, and more. It comes with uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, and a web font. You’ll also get both a regular and outline version, providing more versatility.



Cooper is a popular serif and stencil font family that’s often used for 70’s-inspired designs. The font was actually created in the 1920’s but has the look that became popular in the ’70s. There are three different fonts: Cooper Black, Cooper Black Italic, and Cooper Black Stencil.


Psychedelic Bubble

This all-caps font uses bold bubble letters to create a vintage feel. It’s perfect t-shirt design, hats, other types or merch, album covers, and more. A web font version is available.

Psychedelic BubblePsychedelic Bubble


Scrubby is a vintage font that includes a bit of texture for a distinct look. The swashes will be used automatically if you’re using an OpenType savvy program (you can turn off the swashes if you want to).



Rosebay is a beautiful slab serif font inspired by ’70s era designs but doesn’t have an overwhelming retro feel to it. It’s certainly appropriate for your ’70s designs, but it can also be used with modern projects. It includes uppercase and lowercase letters, multilingual support, and a matching oblique version.



Hornbill is another one that can easily be used in modern designs while also being appropriate for retro creations. This is a huge serif font family that includes 18 different styles. There are different weights from thin to black, plus italic versions of each.



Tangerine is an outstanding retro typeface that you’ll love using for headlines, posters, flyers, magazine covers, quotes, and more. It comes with uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, and multilingual support. A web font is available.


Creative Vintage

Creative Vintage is another beautiful ’70s font that you’re sure to use frequently. There are three fonts included in the package: regular, draft (slightly textured), Fabulous Script, which serves as the perfect pairing for Creative Vintage. You’ll also get alternates, ligatures, multilingual support, and more than 600 glyphs. A web font is available.

Creative VintageCreative Vintage

Glamour Absolute

Glamour Absolute is another beautiful and versatile vintage font. It comes with 12 different variations, giving you plenty of choices and options. This elegant font family is perfect for magazine covers, headlines, album covers, invitations, advertising, and more.

Glamour AbsoluteGlamour Absolute


Morish is a versatile serif font that’s ideal for ’70s era designs, but also useful for other types of projects. It comes with alternative characters that make it easy to create curvy shapes that are sure to stand out. You’ll also get ligatures, multilingual support, and a web font.



Gentle is a vintage serif that’s perfect for branding, wedding invitations, advertisements, and merchandise. It comes in just one weight (heavy).


Blagious Bold Script

Blagious Bold Script was inspired by retro typography designs, and you’ll love using it for your own projects. It comes with alternates, glyphs, multi-language support, and a web font.

Blagious Bold ScriptBlagious Bold Script

Retro Party

Retro Party is a fun font that’s ideal for badges, t-shirts, signage, posters, branding, product packaging, and more. You’ll get uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, symbols, alternates, multilingual support, and a web font.

Retro PartyRetro Party

Boardley Script

Boardley Script is a unique layered font. You’ll simply use the regular font and the extruded font together in layers to create the look shown in the preview below. The download includes uppercase and lowercase letters, alternate characters, ligatures, numerals, punctuation, and accents.



Sunscreen is a hand-drawn font that’s sure to become one of your favorites. It’s perfect for logos and corporate branding, apparel and merchandise, packaging, quotes, and more. The package comes with a regular font, a script font, and a dingbat font. You’ll also get numbers, punctuation, and multilingual letters. A web font version is available.



Stanlow is a fun, curvy ’70s font. It’s a bold display font that works well on medium and large text. You’ll love the alternates that make styling your text easy.



Popstone is a very unique font that comes in 10 different weights, giving you lots of variety. It also offers stylistic alternates, ligatures, glyphs, numbers, multilingual support, and a web font.

Popstone - 70s Font FamilyPopstone - 70s Font Family


Baggy is a beautiful retro font that comes in regular and italic versions. It’s ideal for advertising, branding, flyers, posters, and more. A web font version is available.



Corduroy is a fun font that’s great for t-shirts, merchandise, posters, packaging, advertising, and other uses. It comes with uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, and a web font.

Corduroy - Best 70s FontsCorduroy - Best 70s Fonts


This awesome font comes in 10 different styles, providing plenty of versatility for different uses. There are five different weights from light to black, with italic versions of each. You’ll also get more than 400 characters and multi-language support. A web font is available.



This nostalgic slab serif was inspired by vintage labels and ads. Although only uppercase letters are shown in the preview, lowercase letters are also provided. The package also comes with numbers, punctuation, multilingual support, and glyph variations.



Alota is a decorative font with plenty of ’70s goodness. It comes with regular and 3D versions, hundreds of stylistic alternates, numerals, punctuation, ligatures, multilingual characters, and a web font. It’s appropriate for logos, branding, decorative headlines, packaging, merchandise, and more.


Flatface Sours

Flatface Sours was inspired by gig posters of the ’70s. It’s suitable for your own posters and flyers, covers, retro merchandise, and more. A web font version is available.

Flatface Sours - 70s FontFlatface Sours - 70s Font

Redoura Font Duo

Redoura comes with a script font and a serif font that are designed to be used together. Having a perfect font pairing will prove to be handy for many projects. It’s a great combination for badges, merchandise, album covers, advertising, and more. The package comes with uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, alternates, ligatures, and multilingual support.



Amberlion is a curvy, bold script style font inspired by the ’70s. It has ligatures, alternate swashes, multilingual support, and a web font. This heavy font will work best with large text.


Long Summer

Long Summer is an all-caps font with a very clear influence from ’70s era designs and a look that’s typical of 70s letters. It includes numbers, punctuation, ligatures, and a web font. You’ll love using long summer for t-shirts, hats, merchandise, album covers, packaging, and other projects.

Long Summer - 70s FontLong Summer - 70s Font


Folkloric is a retro sans serif that’s very reminiscent of the 1970s. It comes with stylistic alternatives, ligatures, glyphs, numbers, punctuation, symbols, and a web font. It’s perfect for magazine covers, book covers, retro posters, and more.



Prettywise lives up to its name. It’s a beautiful modern retro font family that comes in 10 different weights. It includes more than 100 alternates, more than 30 ligatures, plus numbers, currency symbols, multilingual letters, and a web font. This versatile font could be used for any number of purposes.



Righton is a script and serif duo that provides a perfect font pairing for your ’70s-inspired designs. It includes uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, symbols, stylistic alternates, ligatures, and multilingual support. This is a font combination you’ll use quite frequently for anything from invitations, to magazines, to branding, and more.



Greta comes as a filled font and an outline font. It’s a rare all-lowercase font that has a heavy, bold style. It also comes with numbers, punctuation, and a web font.



Delicious is a rounded font that has a vintage feel. It’s fairly heavy but still useful for a wide range of different purposes.



Hurscol is a heavy vintage font (all caps) created with handmade lettering. It’s ready to be used for signs, branding, logos, t-shirts, and other places where a bold headline font is appropriate. It comes in regular and slanted versions

Hurscol - 70s FontHurscol - 70s Font

Hurscol Gothic Typeface

If you like Huscol, be sure to check out Hurscol Gothic. These handmade letters have different character and style, but are still perfect for your vintage designs. Due to the styling, Hurscol Gothic is most appropriate for large text.

Huscol Gothic Typeface - 70s FontsHuscol Gothic Typeface - 70s Fonts


Brohalo is a fun, playful font inspired by design styles of the ’70s. In the right situation, it can be an excellent option. It comes with uppercase and lowercase letters, stylistic alternates, numerals, punctuation, multilingual support, and a web font.


Free ’70s Fonts

So far, we’ve looked at many of the best ’70s fonts, but if you’re looking for free fonts, there are a few options. Be aware that many freebies are free only for personal use, which means they can’t be used in your client work or other commercial projects. Anytime you’re using a free resource, be sure to check the terms of the license.


Krasty is a beautiful retro font that includes alternates and more then 300 glyphs. However, it’s free only for personal use.


Keep on Truckin’

The fat lettering of Keep on Truckin’ has a definitive 1970’s feel. It comes in one weight and is free only for personal use.

Keep on Truckin' - Free 70s FontsKeep on Truckin' - Free 70s Fonts

Royal Acidbath

Royal Acidbath is a fun font that includes a regular version and an outline version. It’s free only for personal use.

Royal AcidbathRoyal Acidbath


Reglisse was created by Youssef Habchi. The curvy font comes in three variations. It’s free for personal use and could be a good fit for your 1970’s style designs.



Glinchiest is a very cool font that also comes with a shadow variation (not pictured below), which can be used in layers with the regular font. It is free for personal use only.


The Bambank Script

The Bambank Script is a heavy script font with a look that’s perfect for ’70s designs. It comes in one weight and is free for personal use only.

The Bambank Script - Free 70s FontThe Bambank Script - Free 70s Font

Final Thoughts

If you’re creating a design with a 1970s themes, using one of the best ’70s fonts is an easy way to achieve the look you’re after. We’ve showcased more than 40 excellent options here, so you’ll have plenty of options to choose the type that suits your needs. Whether you’re looking for groovy lettering styles, bubbly fonts, curly custom lettering, or bulbous letter shapes, there are quality choices available.

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