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It is without any doubt that the dedication of employees is a decisive factor in their companies’ success on the market. However, it is influenced by many aspects, sometimes wrongly regarded as trivial. This could not be any clearer to us here at ModulesGarden! Our latest 10-year anniversary trip is a real gem when it comes to coworker integration, as you are about to see for yourself.

Quite obviously the most important basis for family-like relations among coworkers is the atmosphere in the office. After all, who wouldn’t feel satisfied with their performance and have lots of motivation if it wasn’t for the friendliness of other employees? If you know you can count on them and vice versa, this surely is a recipe for success, adding an element of fun to the work-related environment, rather than making it stiff and overly formal. Furthermore, it is very important to allow workers to interact with one another, so as to stimulate friends-making, sharing common interests and habits! As a result, the employees don’t sit at the desk in silence, they perform their duties with pleasure and passion!

ModulesGarden Team - 10th Anniversary Trip

Can you tell we’re having fun together? ;)

All these factors are crucial to us at ModulesGarden. But we also realize that time spent in the office may be too busy to nurture informal interaction, and that is why we hold after-work company events on a regular basis, often in the countryside. Team barbecue, restaurant meetings – all kinds of occasions to get to know each other better in a completely different scenery than that known day-to-day! This is also a great way to interact with every person that makes up the ModulesGarden family – after all, some of us continue to work from home in these still troubled times of COVID-19.

The Adventure Bus - 10th Anniversary Trip

Adventure is calling and we must go!

Just a few weeks ago we attended such a gathering, and quite an extraordinary one, due to being all about celebrating the decade of professional activity on the web hosting market! It was a trip full of recreational activities, exceptional food, friendly conversations and meaningful memories. No words really can describe this unforgettable sense of community… a bunch of photos will do a much better job!

Rumor has it that software development would not do without a tiny bit of magic, so naturally our trip was also highlighted by a world-class magician’s show!

Magician Show - 10th Anniversary Trip

Poof! And that’s how we make all bugs disappear… :)

Of course, we couldn’t forget that there would be no ModulesGarden if it weren’t for our most deserving, vastly experienced employees, who celebrated 10 years of hard work and dedication together with the company. We wish you all the good luck for the next decade to come!

10-Year Work Anniversary at ModulesGarden

Thank you for being such passionate and inspiring teammates for over a decade!

Let’s give a big round of applause to (from left):

  • Damian Lipski – Tech Support Team Leader & Senior Software Developer
  • Maciej Husak – Custom Software Development Team Manager
  • Mariusz Miodowski – Product Development Team Manager
  • Piotr Dołęga – Chief Sales & Marketing Officer
  • Paweł Kozioł – Product Development Manager

The entire squad returned to work full of energy and ready to face new challenges together! The motivation is at its peak, and focus on the customers’ contentment is our number one priority. Striving for YOUR satisfaction is what we all have in common! By communicating with one another in an amiable way we are able to provide you with tools for business optimization, more innovative and simply better from day to day!

Eager to get a taste of what it’s like to work at ModulesGarden, a company where everyone counts and nobody gets left behind?

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