The self-employed and freelancers should already have their own websites. But a CV website is also a useful way for employees to present themselves while looking for a new job.

Web design is the most obvious industry for which a dedicated website makes sense. For a web designer, the website is their business card and poses as a sample of their work at the same time. But other creative professional fields are also well-advised to create a meaningful and professionally designed website including photographers, editors, artists, and similar professional groups who can show off their creative skills on their website and store their portfolios in an appealing way.

But employees from other industries should also consider the option of applying with a website. Considering digitization, a growing number of companies are relying on digital communication. If an employer hasn’t already set-up their own application portal, your resume website can do no harm. If you keep your website up to date, you can use it as a digital business card, to apply to jobs, expand your network of contacts, and to present yourself as an expert in your profession.

Posted by Charlie Brown