The requirements that a Satisfactory server places on the underlying hardware basically depend on the number of players that connect to the server at the same time. However, it should be mentioned at this point that Satisfactory – at least in its current state – is designed for a maximum of four people in multiplayer mode. Game worlds for more than four players can be created via configuration, but the Swedish developer team Coffee Stain Studios is not responsible for the resulting performance.

Based on the information in the official Satisfactory Wiki as well as the requirements for the official dedicated server tool in the Epic Games Store, the following basic system requirements are needed:

  • CPU (processor): AMD or Intel (4 Core) from 3.4 GHz onwards; powerful single-core performance preferred
  • RAM (memory): 6 gigabyte RAM for 1–4 players, 8 gigabyte or more for larger storage files or more than 4 players
  • Hard disk space: 10-15 gigabytes for the Satisfactory server software; additional space for saved game(s) or optional mods

In addition to the computing power for the Satisfactory server, you must also include the computing load of the operating system in your planning. In principle, you can choose between common Unix/Linux distributions such as Ubuntu, however, developers recommend a Windows server operating system. For Windows Server 2019, the following additional requirements would therefore be needed, for example:

  • 1.4 GHz processor (64-bit)
  • 512 MB or 2 GB memory (without or with graphical user interface)
  • 32 or 36 GB hard disk space (without or with graphical user interface)

Posted by Charlie Brown