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Fall is my favorite season of the year. The beautiful colors of the changing leaves are definitely one of the reasons, and the cooler weather is certainly a welcome change after the heat of summer. There is just something special about fall weather.

What better way to enjoy the beginning of the season than to download some autumn wallpaper that can be used as a desktop background on your computer?

On this page, you’ll find 75 beautiful photos that can be used as your own wallpaper. The photos feature amazing autumn scenes like colorful forests, fallen leaves, and even some pumpkins. When you see an image that you want to use as your own wallpaper, click on the image and you’ll be led to a page where you can download a high-res version of the photo for free.



A beautiful photo with sunrays that fill the forest with warmth.

Leaves on Water

Leaves on WaterLeaves on Water

This simple photo of two floating leaves makes an excellent wallpaper.

Tree-Lined Path

Tree-Lined PathTree-Lined Path

A picturesque scene of a tree-lined path with fallen leaves, and a person in the distance.

Foggy Path

Foggy PathFoggy Path

This photo features a beautiful path leading into a foggy forest.

Colorful Leaf

Colorful LeafColorful Leaf

Closeup of a colorful leaf, with plenty of space around the edges for your icons.

Leaf on Wood Floor

Leaf on Wood FloorLeaf on Wood Floor

A colorful leaf lying on a wood floor, which makes a nice background.

Water Droplets

Water DropletsWater Droplets

Macro shot of water droplets on a colorful autumn leaf.

Fallen Leaves

Fallen LeavesFallen Leaves

This simple photo shows fallen leaves on the ground, and the top half of the photo is perfect for placing your desktop items on the dark background.

Brown Leaves

Brown LeavesBrown Leaves

Closeup of fallen brown leaves with some water droplets.

Closeup of Autumn Leaves

Closeup of LeavesCloseup of Leaves

A nice closeup shot of colorful autumn leaves with a bokeh background.

Leaves in a Pattern

Leaves in a PatternLeaves in a Pattern

Colorful leaves forming a circular pattern.



Photo of a lake reflecting the beautiful fall colors of a nearby forest.

Foggy Forest

Foggy ForestFoggy Forest

A leaf-covered path leading through a beautiful foggy forest.

The Dark Hedges

Dark HedgesDark Hedges

Autumn shot of the beautiful trees of the Dark Hedges.



This simple closeup shot of a leaf makes a nice colorful wallpaper or desktop background.

Leaves on Blue Sky

Leaves on Blue SkyLeaves on Blue Sky

Closeup of colorful leaves on a blue sky background.

Edge of the Lake

Edge of the LakeEdge of the Lake

Edge of the lake with colorful autumn trees leading up to it.

Leaf and Hand

Leaf and HandLeaf and Hand

Closeup of a colorful orange/red leaf and a hand, with a blurred background.

Leaf and Bridge

Leaf and BridgeLeaf and Bridge

Another shot of a hand holding a leaf, but this one has a bridge in the blurred background.

Leaf and Lights

Leaf and LightsLeaf and Lights

Another closeup of a maple leaf, this one with bokeh lights in the background.

Majestic Tree

Majestic TreeMajestic Tree

This beautiful tree is full of colorful leaves, with the sun poking through.

Feet and Leaves

Feet and LeavesFeet and Leaves

Looking down at the leaf-covered ground.

Autumn Colors from Above

Autumn Colors from AboveAutumn Colors from Above

An aerial shot of a road leading through a colorful forest.

Fall from Above

Fall from AboveFall from Above

Another aerial shot that shows off amazing fall colors and foliage.

Winding Road

Winding Road from the AirWinding Road from the Air

Aerial shot of a winding road leading through a forest of stunning colors.

Autumn Turns to Winter

Autumn Turns to WInterAutumn Turns to WInter

A forest that features some autumn color, a line of fog, and some snow-covered trees.



A low perspective shot of a road leading through the forest, with fog in the distance.

Falling Leaf

Falling LeafFalling Leaf

A single falling leaf with a blurred bokeh background.



Pumpkins are one of the most recognizable signs of fall, and this closeup of beautiful orange pumpkins will give you the autumn feel that you’re after.



Closeup of some colorful autumn squash.

Abstract Reflection


An abstract shot of water reflecting blurred fall colors.

Ground Covered in Leaves

Ground Covered in LeavesGround Covered in Leaves

Colorful leaves almost completely covering the grass.

Leaf-Covered Road

Leaf-Covered RoadLeaf-Covered Road

A leaf-covered road lined with picturesque trees.

Autumn Photographer

Autumn PhotographerAutumn Photographer

A woman photographing the autumn landscape.

Looking Up

Looking UpLooking Up

Looking up through the trees, providing an interesting perspective.

Mountains and Trees

Mountains and TreesMountains and Trees

Mountains in the distance with colorful trees in the foreground.

Orange Leaves on a Light Background

Orange Leaves on a Light BackgroundOrange Leaves on a Light Background

This photo showcases colorful orange leaves with a strong contrast on the light background. That light background is perfect for placing your icons and shortcuts.

Leaves and Sky

Leaves and SkyLeaves and Sky

This colorful photo includes a nice blue sky background, which is an ideal home for your icons and shortcuts.

Closeup of Orange Leaves

Closeup of Orange LeavesCloseup of Orange Leaves

A close-up shot of colorful orange leaves with the sun shining through.

Colorful Leaves

Colorful LeavesColorful Leaves

This shot of colorful leaves makes an excellent wallpaper or background for your desktop.

Autumn Leaf

Autumn Leaf Wallpaper

You’ll love this close-up shot of a leak with a blurred bokeh background.

Red Autumn Leaves

Red Colors

This photo showcases the amazing colors that make the autumns months our favorites.

Autumn Reflections

Autumn Reflections

Bold colors are on full display in this wallpaper that includes scenic mountains and a reflecting lake.

Leaf-Covered Path

Leaf-Covered Ground Wallpaper

This photo shows a straight path in a park that’s covered in fallen leaves.

Snow-Covered Mountains

Snow-Covered Mountains

This beautiful scene features a stream, autumn colors, and snow-covered mountains in the distance.

Golden Leaves

Golden Leaves



Close-up of pine needles with the sun in the background.

Dry Leaves

Dry Leaves Wallpaper

A close-up of dry fallen red leaves.

Leaves Around Tree

Leaves Around Tree

This tree trunk is surrounded by beautiful fallen leaves that cover the ground.



This macro shot of a leaf showcases amazing colors, textures, and lines.



Here is another abstract macro shot, but this one features more shades of orange and red.

Fall Leaf Photo

Fall Leaf Photo

This wallpaper showcases green leaves turning yellow. There is plenty of space on the sides for your desktop icons.

Thanksgiving Background

Thanksgiving Background Photo

This desktop background photo includes plenty of open space for your icons.

Leaf on Grass

Leaf on Grass

This faded shot makes an excellent wallpaper or desktop background. It showcases a lone fallen leaf.

Water Drop

Water Drop

This photo features a drop of water with a reflection and a colorful leaf.

Leaf on Trunk

Leaf on Trunk

This photo shows a colorful leaf on a fallen tree trunk. It’s got plenty of space for your desktop icons, making it an ideal background.



A red backlit maple leaf with blurred edges.

Autumn Foliage

Autumn Foliage

Some beautiful trees along the edge of a lake, with mountains in the distance.



A man kneeling and praying on top of fallen leaves.

From Above

From Above

An aerial shot of a thick forest that features some attractive autumn colors.

Autumn Dolomites

Autumn Dolomites

This stunning landscape photo showcases the Dolomites in full autumn splendor.

Winding Road

Winding Road

Here’s another outstanding photo of the Dolomites, this one featuring a picturesque winding road.

Autumn Lake

Autumn LakeAutumn Lake

This photo shows an amazing lake scene surrounded by fall colors and snow-covered mountains.



A beautiful aerial shot of a road winding through colorful trees.



An aerial photo of Prague and its spectacular bridges during the fall.



This photo with a blurred background is perfect for use as desktop wallpaper.

Woman With Leaf

Woman With Leaf

Use this photo of a woman holding a maple leaf as your fall desktop background.

Autumn Light

Autumn Light

Warm golden light fills this photo of leaves on the ground surrounding a tree trunk.



An open Bible on top of fallen leaves.

Colorful Leaves

Colorful Leaves

Close-up photo of fall leaves in a variety of colors.



Low angle shot of a tree-lined road with fog in the distance.

Covered Bridge

Covered Bridge

A red covered bridge surrounded by vibrant fall colors.

Lake Scene

Lake Scene

A beautiful lake scene from Italy with mountains in the distance.

Blue Background

Blue BAckground

Flat lay of colorful fall leaves on a bright blue background.

Red Background

Red Background

A flat lay photo with a bright red background and plenty of open space for your desktop icons.


We hope you enjoyed this collection of autumn wallpaper and desktop backgrounds and that you were able to narrow it down to one favorite. With so many amazing photos at your disposal, choosing just one can be a real challenge.

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